Thursday, November 3, 2011

Uh Oh, Julia Has Opinions

Julia started the day by pooping on her favorite pink pajamas. (How's that for an opener? Eat your heart out, Bulwer-Lytton.) I knew there would be a scene once she realized she'd have to wear different pajamas, so I tried to work quickly and got some snowman ones halfway on her before she noticed. Then came the tears. "Piiiiiink!" she cried. I left her on the floor to fuss about it. Eventually she just lay there, sulking and occasionally emitting a long drawn out, "piiiiiiiiiink..."

Julia wearing the pink pajamas in question. Obviously these are the most beautiful pajamas ever to grace humankind. (22 months)

This is what Julia looked like before she gave up, except wearing totally repugnant snowman pajamas. (21 1/2 months)

Then it was time to eat. Julia was not happy that Blue Monkey Bib was in the wash and rejected the other two bibs I offered. "Booo!" she kept saying to indicate that she wanted her favorite blue bib. I then brought in four more bibs and those were summarily rejected as well, and by rejected I mean she continually cried "boooooooo!" still hoping I'd make the blue bib magically appear. I refused to offer more bibs so she reluctantly accepted Hippo Bib as though it were bib sloppy seconds.

Julia having a tantrum. She starts out small and fetal and then stretches out when she nears the end. (21 1/2 months)

Then it was canteloupe time. Julia remembered that I often give the babies forks for canteloupe so she asked for one ("for!"). I gave her an orange fork and she was upset. "Piiiiink!" she cried.

After breakfast, it was time for my run with the babies in their stroller. I decided to go a different way today and Julia immediately noticed the difference. "Ap-pulll!" she kept crying, since we usually pass an apple tree on my run. Her crying lasted about 2 minutes - she was very determined to go by the apples. I tried showing her pumpkins and a mail box on the new route, hoping that that would make her more interested in going that way in the future, but she couldn't have cared less. We ended up going by the apple tree on the way home, and I was like, "Look! Apples!" and she was stony silent like, "Whatever." I think she might have even let out a long sigh, rolled her eyes and sent her baby friends a text about how moms are sooooo lame.

"Apple trees are only cool at the beginning of a walk, Mom."

After we got back it was time to get dressed. Noticing that her outfit was purple, Julia asked for "pur-pulll" socks. The first ones I took out were lavender and I had to convince her that they were indeed purple. She accepted them but looked about as thrilled as when I had given her the hippo bib.

A poor substitute for "real" purple.

And then before her nap, Julia started calling out the names of things she wanted to bring into her crib. However, I couldn't understand her and she preferred to fuss instead of getting up to get them herself. Eventually I just threw everything I could find in front of her so she could get them her damn self.

"Let me out. I have more crap I need to take with me." (21 1/2 months)

And that was my morning.

Julia's cry face through the (all of two) years:

(2 months)

(4 months)

(5 months)

(10 months)

Don't mess with this Julia. (16 months)

I like how Julia's instinct when upset is to flash her tummy. (18 months)

Papa comforts Julia after she falls. (20 1/2 months)


  1. What a cutie! It's good you have a sense of humor during those frustrating toddler moments. :)

    Do you find that Julia is naturally more emotional and dramatic than James? My friends with daughters tell me that girls are inherently (from birth!) total drama queens.

  2. Oh yes. Julia has definitely been a drama queen since birth! Lately when I complain to my mom about Julia (since Julia is clearly entering her terrible 2's), my mom keeps saying how we knew this about Julia when she was born!

    Julia had a small cold last week and we all knew about it. I mean, I felt sorry for her but if I had to pick one of them to be sick it would not be her. In fact this time , James never exactly got sick, which is suspicious because if one is sick the other ALWAYS gets sick. My mother in law thinks James was sick a few days before Julia when he had a runny nose. We just didn't really realize it because he was just his usual sweet self.

    Everything with Julia is a struggle lately. I miss being able to dress her in anything without her caring. My friends with boys don't have that problem. And I thought girl babies were supposed to be the easy ones!

  3. Actually, you only threw one tantrum. Your brother, Michael, threw several. Julia is on a roll.. . . this is going to be a fun year with our cute, little drama queen. Just keep thinking that someday she'll have her own little drama queen and you can sit back and enjoy it. Mom

  4. I absolutely love Julia's cry face over the years. 16 months is definitely my favorite, but I think it's the cry face combined with the fashionable outfit.

  5. Marianne - My favorite is also the 16 month cry face. I love the combination of the lower lip and the stare down. And the outfit doesn't hurt either. :)