Monday, June 14, 2010

When it comes to Number Two, I Look Like Number One

A few weeks ago I got the following ad in my e-mail and realized the second coming was nigh.

I immediately forwarded it to Mark with the message "I can't decide if they're terrible or awesome." To our delight we stumbled upon the diapers the following weekend while at CVS and couldn't resist buying a box. I still can't decide if jean cut-offs for babies are terrible or awesome, but here are some pictures of the twins sporting their own Daisy Dukes.

But before you see them you have to see the commercial. It's awesome. (Arrested Development fans out there, we're debating whether the voice over is by Will Arnett-- especially the bit at the end.)

I love James' cute little pose. It's like there's an imaginary Coppertone dog tugging at his diaper

Check out the "sewn" pocket detail

Daisy James Duke

Julia and James, baby sumo wrestlers

"James, you're a tiger! Julia, you're a lion!"

James is entranced by Julia's back fat

You can really see the difference in the twins' hair color here

Mark shows off Julia's diaper to our friends. The diapers could be part of her outfit:


  1. The commercial leaves me speechless. . .Our babies are more entertaining. . .at least from Grandma's perspective. Pam (Grandma M.)

  2. Oh. my. god. The commercial is INSANE. And hilarious. And scary. And awesome.

    Also, loving the photo of James entranced by Julia's back fat.

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours. Ever.

  3. Wow, those are pretty stinkin' cute! And look at her eyes!! So beautiful.

    If you like those diaps, you might just like the 'cute' factor of cloth... that is to assume you're not already doing cloth. Anyway, if you're not, may I recommend a brand I absolutely love and use on my two after trying out a few others and doing quite a bit of research.... SoftBums. They're a one-sized diaper with customizable inserts, though I simply buy their "super dry" inserts and have had no leaks during the night and also use them throughout the day. The kids look super cute in them (love the robot undies the most!) and best of all they are very easy to use and easy to launder. Not to get all salesy... just wanted to share my experience. :-) If you are interested and have questions just let me know!

  4. Ha ha ha!! I love it. I saw those and stepped away in horror, but they're actually kind of cute on your kiddos.
    BTW, please check out this website for someone with a similar sense of humor. A lot of her older stuff deals with infertility, then pg stuff, and then more recently parenting. She is amusing 95% of the time:

    I guess I'm telling you because this post reminded me of something she could have written.

  5. The commercial made me choke, I was laughing so hard.

    Your kids actually look really cute in them. Have you had any problems with the dye on the outside of the diaper bleeding onto clothing when it (inevitably) gets wet?

    I would be more tempted, but I had bad luck with Huggies leaking until Asher was in a size 5 or so. Early on, Pampers worked better. Get on it, Pampers! I want denim diapers for my baby!

    (This is Stacy L., by the way --- eilonwey is my livejournal user name.)

  6. Sara, Mark wanted me to remove the James looking at Julia's back fat photo, so I'm glad I listened to my gut... er, back fat?

    Cathy, thanks! I looked at the site - the SoftBums have super cute patterns.

    Sarah, I enjoyed the link you sent. I take it as a compliment because I like her writing style. :)

    Stacy, We didn't have any problem with the dye bleeding. We loved our Pampers but have been flirting with other brands lately, because my husband read online that some people thought the new Pampers caused rashes.