Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brian Bear Visits James

James and Julia changed preschools and now they have a different stuffed bear to take home and detail its exploits in a journal. Instead of Katy Cha Cha (Mark’s previous awesome journal entry and my entry), now there’s Brian Bear. This entry was written by me in October 2014 and is pretty straight forward. I may have recycled a few “jokes” from my Katy Cha Cha entry. I’m including my entry in this blog for posterity, not to make you laugh.

Apparently when it was read aloud in class, James and Julia cracked up at some of the “jokes” since I’d explained them at home. For the record they were the only kids laughing.

Without further ado, the actual journal entry:

B r i a n   B e a r   V i s i t s   J a m e s

James and his sister, Julia, took me to one of their favorite restaurants - Pizza My Heart - for Make Your Own Pizza Night. 

James and I squeeze in one cuddle before our pizza dough arrives.

James squirted tomato sauce on our pizza dough, and then added olives and pineapple before sprinkling cheese on top.

James told me it’s okay to put some cheese on the pizza and then to put some into your mouth.
James and I look over our pizza after it comes out of the oven. I wish it was topped with honey, but the olives and pineapple were good, too.

Afterwards we visited a bunch of food trucks! We got two sundaes from the Lexie’s Frozen Custard truck. 

Ordering from the food truck
I’ve seen garbage that looked better than this sundae. At least it tasted better than it looked. Still, I couldn’t help but think that maybe next time James could get me a salmon sundae.
Between pizza and sundaes I was stuffed. Literally. I mean, I’m a stuffed bear.

After dessert, we danced to music playing nearby.

James danced with me while Julia twirled around.

James skinned his knee and I put on a bandaid in solidarity. 

Anything for a friend

Then I settled in next to James’s pillow for a good night’s sleep in his car bed.

I feel very underdressed from the waist down. This bear felt bare.

T h e   E n d