Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Santa Diapers

One day at Target, Mark spots Huggies’ new Santa diapers and I know WE MUST HAVE THEM. Who could forget the twins' foray into Jean diapers?)

So a few weeks after Christmas I put the toddlers in their diapers for picture-taking purposes but they are unwilling to pose when I take out the camera. (You would be too by now if you were my kids.) Nothing will convince them and I'm about to give up when I think to tell them that if they do it they get to run around next to the Christmas tree. Surprisingly they agree! (The Christmas tree is in the only room they can’t access and they love the lights.)

Wait, what is Julia wearing?

A Santa diaper!

Julia models a Santa diaper and shows off her appropriate Santa-sized gut.

Hope there's nothing breakable in there.

The rear view

After I told Julia to give James a kiss she was pretty resolute in her attempt...

...even when he clearly didn't want one.

Yes I do have family from the South. Why do you ask?