Sunday, January 18, 2015

Katy Cha Cha Visits James

You may remember Mark’s epic diary entry for Katy Cha Cha, the teddy bear the kids got to take home from preschool during the summer.

Well the final weekend of summer, the teachers forgot to send Katy Cha Cha home with James, the last kid who hadn’t gotten him yet. James was devastated. And since I happened to be looking into other preschools, I realized that it was his last chance to get her. I contacted his Milestones Preschool teachers and asked if James could bring Katy Cha Cha home for a night so he’d get his turn before we switched schools, and they obliged.

Mark wasn’t up to writing another Katy Cha Cha entry so I wrote a pretty normal one. (Sorry.)

Here it is:

The day I arrived, James strapped a seatbelt on me and we all drove to Tin Pot Creamery for ice cream after dinner. James’s sister, Julia, is very strange and does not like ice cream. She preferred to eat an empty cone instead. 

Even bears need to follow car safety rules.
I fly like a superhero over the ice cream case. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Katy Cha Cha!
This is torture. Chocolate ice cream? Really? You couldn’t get me some small mammal crunch?

Afterwards we all climbed on bike racks.

Everyone swings on the bicycle racks. Can you spot me?
The daddy does his best ferocious bear impression from atop the bicycle racks.
When we got home James and Julia jumped on bubble wrap. Then they showed me how. I couldn’t pop the bubbles very well by jumping, but used my big bear teeth instead.

Julia and James pop bubble wrap.
I try to pop some of my own at first but it’s no use. I’m too soft.
I was sad that unlike the last time with this family, I didn’t get to go along for any haircuts or furcuts this time. (James could have used one, too. Have you seen that boy’s hair? It’s like he slept on a mixer.)

In the meantime I look forward to staying with the next family,
Katy Cha Cha

The actual journal entries as transcribed by me: