Monday, May 17, 2010

First Playdate, er... ScareDate

The twins had their first playdate two weeks ago. Candice and Steve were in town along with their 6 1/2 month old daughter Nora. Nora is two months older than James and Julia, and she's already crawling and pulling herself up to stand. Meanwhile the twins are talking are walking have gained weight.

You might think from this photo that the babies all played together nicely, but this is the only "friendly" photo of the babies together. (Note Julia trying to throw a punch in Nora's direction.)

I called Nora a little howler monkey since was full of energy and was constantly laughing and squealing. She also seems like the sort who, given the opportunity, would fling her poo. (Just kidding!) She wore me out just watching her. She even crawled through our coffee table. When she wanted to breastfeed, she'd just scamper up Candice and suckle away. Meanwhile the twins stacked blocks climbed a jungle gym just laid there. Much like the trip to Google the twins were shy around new people and didn't "perform."

Also, I think the twins were scared of Nora. In almost every picture you can sense their fear.

Nora meets James. James is already afraid.


James scared eyes close-up!

"Who is this baby and why is she trying to steal my pacifier?"

Julia scared eyes close-up!

When Nora decided to climb through our coffee table, we should have attached a Swiffer to her.

Outfit for Nora?

Steve holds an active Nora.

Julia and James wisely close their eyes when Nora gets close.

James is happy that Nora can't get inside the crib.

Nora and Julia talk smack at each other.

Nora throws a kick in James' direction.

Julia hopes Nora being distracted by James will allow her to get a punch in but she's too late.


  1. When Laurel whines about having to sweep the kitchen floor I suggest she could stick maxipads to her feet and be a human Swiffer. I wish I'd thought of doing that when she was too little to talk back!

  2. I shared your blog with a friend of mine who is having twins in October, and we were both laughing over this post today! This is my favorite one yet!

  3. Aw! Thanks, Marianne! My mom and I were cracking up over the pictures when I first uploaded them. I picked the ones where the twins looked the most scared.

    Good luck to your friend having twins! I'm here if she ever has any questions. I highly recommend she join the group Gemini Crickets if she's in the South Bay.

  4. She's in Morgan Hill- I'll let her know! Thanks!