Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet Julia, Part II

Julia is definitely Miss Personality. It's evident in her pictures, too. James will try to please with his smiles, but Julia gives all sorts of interesting expressions from exuberant smiles to "are you done yet?" stares, and all are photogenic. Julia is a charmer and entertains us with her cute shrieks, happy noises, and squeals. While James talks softly, Julia speaks in squeals and has a larger repertoire of gaa gaa goo goo sounds. She loves loves LOVES her stuffed bunny rabbit. Her eyes light up and she makes happy sounds when she sees it and she'll pull it close to go to sleep. When she was only a few months old she learned to (sort of) kiss it. ("Kiss kiss kiss Mommy . Kiss kiss kiss Julia ." Then I say, "Julia kiss bunny?" And Julia will attempt to kiss it. James on the other hand tries to eat the bunny.)

Some of Miss Photogenic's interesting expressions:

Shrouded (4 1/2 months)

"Are you done yet?" (5 months)

Zombie (5 1/2 months)

Even before they were born, Mark would talk about taking the twins to see the sheep near our then-apartment. (Yes, there's a large flock of sheep grazing there for much of the year.) He declared that James would chase the sheep but Julia would be afraid of them and he'd have to hold her. Several months ago when he started dive bombing Julia with sofa cushions he changed his mind about that. See, Mark will drop big sofa cushions on Julia repeatedly, and she'll laugh and laugh. (The first time I said, "Those cushions are too big!" but then Julia thought it was great fun.) James enjoys it too but not as much as Julia, and because he's shy around people, Mark now thinks that Julia will be the one chasing the sheep. Mark also likes to tell Julia and James, "You're just babies. You don't know anything," though sometimes he concedes, "They know something about milk."

If I were to make predictions for the future about Julia I'd say she will talk before James (but he will walk first - even though right now she's steadier on her feet in a standing position). Grandma thinks she will skip crawling altogether, and start walking. Given her hatred of tummy time I have to agree. Once in the middle of the night I heard the word "okay" so plain as day I thought someone was behind me, but it was just Julia in her bassinet! I'm curious what the future will hold for Julia with her fun loving and outgoing personality. Grandma thinks she will be an actress, and Grandpa hopes for a plumber (more because he needs a good plumber).

"Are you seriously making me wear this hat?" (3 months)

Wait, is she giving the... Why, yes... Yes she is... (4 1/2 months)

Julia's finished with pop-up books and has moved on to reading about how to raise herself. (4 1/2 months)

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  1. James can't wait to explore the world. Julia will wait for us to bring the whole world to her.