Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Babies Are Models! Sort of.

My friend Sara has a home business as an illustrator, called Stinkerpants, and people commission her to design really cute wedding invitations and stationery commemorating other events. Recently she started her own baby clothing line with her drawings of animals (with cool Chinese zodiac ones, too). She sent us two t-shirts for our twins to model for her web site. I’m not sure if the photos will actually make it on the site since I haven’t seen them there yet. (There's a slideshow of a few babies wearing her shirts here.) My logical brain says that I’m sure it was hard to choose among all the baby models. My Mommy brain says “What do you mean `hard to choose’? You’re talking about your my babies who also happen to be the world’s cutest babies.” (But seriously, Sara, no pressure to use the photos of our babies. I mean, I understand that you don't want other people to feel bad that their babies aren't as cute as ours.)

After I sent her the first batch of photos she told me she had hoped for a picture of them together. HA HA HA HA HA. Obviously not a mom of twins OR toddlers. I last was able to easily take a picture of the twins together at 11 months or so. Now I can never get posed photos of them. The monthly photos are impossible. Recently I made the babies a photo album of their parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncles. I included a collage of their baby friends, and asked the parents of their baby friends to submit photos if I didn’t have any. Almost all of the twin parents sent me photos that were slightly blurry because it is impossible to take a picture where both twins are next to each other and looking at least near the camera. Basically if I happen to be holding a camera and the twins walk anywhere near each other I start snapping away hoping a moment will magically occur where they both look up at the camera and smile.

I’m not sure if the pictures will ever appear on the site but it was fun to take them, and we have cute free t-shirt souvenirs. Below are some of the best shots, taken in late April and early May. They include some shots I couldn't submit because Sara's animal drawing is obscured.

This is the best shot I could get of the twins together, but that's not saying a whole lot. James wanted Julia's hair bow which did not please Julia since she was still wearing it.

Julia shows off the Stinkerpants logo on her shirt... as well as her diaper.

I didn't submit these, but these are from one of the first times Julia used the slide.


  1. Beautiful. I sympathize with your troubles on getting a shot together. I've had to do some photoshop tricks to get a decent twin shot!

  2. Whatever, Sharon! You were the only one who gave me non-blurry photos of their twins! :)

    That's funny that you had to do Photoshop tricks. You'll have to fill me in...