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James and Julia 24-28 Months, Part X: Lists of Favorites and Least Favorites

Here is Part IX: Julia, My Cheerful, Flirtatious, Demanding, Sociopathic, Clingy, Independent, Funny, Puzzle-Loving Girl

James Loves
-Crib tent
-Watching videos/hearing music (and really upset when it ends)
-Wants “up” all the time to look at things on counter of kitchen and bathroom
-At Gymboree: bubbles, Gymbo hugs and kisses, climbing
-Playing in closet (both like this, but especially James)

James Hates
The Very Worst (result in screaming)
-parking garages
-nails being cut
Also Bad
-taking medicine
-when things don’t obey the laws of James physics (e.g. he tries to cram a bunch of things into a container and the lid won’t fit)
Not Quite as Bad but Not Great
-new places
-baths; washing his hair

James’ Favorite Toys
Non-toys (bags of dried beans, blue Tupperware lids, grocery bags - see video, feeding spoons, straws, tupperware, cooking pot - especially for sitting on when he’s brushing his teeth)
Bead maze on Zany Zoo
Sand toys
Matching cards (by Charley Harper)
Mega Blok fire truck
Ball/ramp set - our Franken-version of two sets (and taking it apart)
Toy laptop computer (My Own Leaptop)
Play utensils and spoons
Racetrack and cars

James gets very excited about grocery bags.
Julia and James play with their new Charley Harper matching card game on their birthday.

James is excited to use two computers at his workstation at the same time just like Daddy.
James’ Favorite Clothes
Blue shirt
Blue arctic animal pajamas
Red hat

James’ Favorite Foods
Blueberries (freeze-dried)
Raspberries (freeze-dried)
Macaroni and cheese
Broccoli cake (Dr. Praeger’s frozen Broccoli Littles)
Fortune cookies
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Thai satay

James after eating freeze-dried blueberries
Favorite entree/protein: 1) pasta with mizithra (as found at The Old Spaghetti Factory), 2) grilled cheese, 3) pasta with tomato sauce, 4) yogurt
Fruit: 1) watermelon, 2) pineapple
Vegetable: 1) baby corn, 2) latkes, 3) broccoli cake
Grain: brown rice, cereal (granola, Erewhon brown rice cereal - like Rice Krispies)
Snack: freeze-dried blueberries (often for breakfast), crackers (graham crackers, cheddar bunnies)
Generally likes: pasta, sweets (both choices sound like me)

James’ Favorite songs
*The Alphabet Song (ABCD)
*Jingle Bells
*Frosty the Snowman
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Happy Birthday to You

James’ Favorite Books
(James likes a lot of Jewish-themed books that arrive courtesy of the P.J. Library)

(*very favorite)

Julia Loves
-Being read books
-Climbing across Pottery Barn kid chairs in the nursery
-At Gymboree: Gymbo hugs and kisses, going under the parachute, bubbles, hitting or climing on the air log
-Helping (unloading dishwasher, putting away toothbrushes, putting away laundry, sweeping)
-Putting Sesame Street characters in mugs

Julia Hates
-baths, particularly washing hair
-waking up from naps
-sharing lap/not being in front on Mommy’s lap-train
-hearing ABCD song because when it ends it means she’ll have to hand a toy over to James
-accidentally closing herself in a dark room (she loves closing doors)

Julia’s Favorite Toys
*Whatever James has
*Sesame Street figurines and Little People grandparent figurines
Elmo (not as into as Bunny as before)
Horsey (riding horse; she rides while listening to Jingle Bells)
Plasma car
Books that play music (Elmo Christmas, Elmo drum, World Lullabies)

Julia plays with Sing Along with Elmo
Julia’s Favorite Clothes
Pink piggie pajamas
Pink cat pajamas

Julia’s Favorite Foods
*Macaroni and cheese
Broccoli (in dishes at Chinese restaurants)
Blueberries (freeze-dried)
Raspberries (freeze-dried)
Broccoli cake (Dr. Praeger’s brand)
Fortune cookies
Corn (freeze-dried)

Favorite entree/protein: macaroni and cheese, Su Hong black bean chicken
Fruit: strawberries, blueberries
Vegetable: baby corn, latke, broccoli cake
Grain: cereal (Cheerios), brown rice
Snack: freeze-dried blueberries, Cheerios
Generally likes: meat, bread

Julia’s Favorite Songs
*Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
*Jingle Bells
*Frosty the Snowman
The Alphabet Song (ABCD) (See video of her singing it.)
Baby Beluga

Julia’s Favorite Books
*What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork! (”Big Book;” “I-Spy like)
Nursery Rhymes (Mary Englebreit)
Little Vampire
Little Books (about Sesame Street)

(*very favorite)

Both Love
-Listening to Baby Beluga over and over
-Looking at themselves and their family in pictures on the computer
-Postman putting mail in our mailbox
-Turning lights on and off
-Closing doors (and announcing “close door”)
-Playground slides
-Steps (especially going down our front steps which disappear after our front yard is landscaped a few months later in Aug.)
-Watching Sesame Street with Papa and Gaga
-Having Mark make faces at them from the window above the front door when they come in
-Following me (to bathroom and also when someone else is taking care of them and I am home they always find me)
-Seeing the blue Christmas lights on our neighbor Paul’s house
-Using mini shopping carts at Whole Foods

Both Hate
-Silence between CD tracks
-Shaky arm
-Nose tap
-Cold hands
(The last 3 are games played by Mark; but they like them too. It’s complicated.)

Favorite Activities for Both
-Unloading dishwasher (especially by my “helper” Julia; I give them unbreakables. See video.)
-Unloading groceries
-Cleaning the floor with brooms and dustpans
-Walking to the apple tree
-Running on our bed
-Mark games: He says “bow-key bow-key bow” (“bow” as in “ow”; it’s a sound from their Peter Rabbit book with sound) before ”take down” (knocking them over). (They tell him laughingly, “No bow-key bow-key bow.”)
-More Mark Games: shaky arm (shakes their arm like jelly), cannonball boom (hits his head against them), cold hands (Mark puts his cold hands on them and announces, “cold hands!”)
-Games with Papa (mostly) and Gaga: up up up (walking up their chests)
-Games with Papa and with me: 1-2-3 hug
-Games with me: I’m gonna get you (chasing them around the house and often I “incompetently” let them run under my legs), I’m going to kiss your... nose, tummy, ear
-Jumping on their soft kid chairs
-Playing in our closet
-Having me hold them up in kitchen to push microwave buttons and name things on counter
-Washing their hands in the sink

The babies "help" me put away silverware.
I hope they’re this enthusiastic about sweeping in a few years. (Here they’re also wearing their favorite pajamas.)

1-2-3 Hug Papa!
Julia enters the closet and plays peek-a-boo.
Favorite Toys for Both
*Fake Food
Riding Horsey (rocking horse) and Bounce and Spin Zebra to Christmas music
Wrapping paper rolls
Mommy and Daddy’s shoes
*Charley Harper Matching card game (James likes cards; Julia likes matching)
Doll stroller
Sesame street figurines
Shopping cart (when I call them to the nursery they often transport a toy there or just wheel it in)
*Pottery Barn Kids soft chairs (jumping on them and off them onto other chair)
*Big box (pretend to sleep in it, we close lid while they’re inside which they love; Julia drinks milk inside)
Old cassette tapes of mine
*Racetrack and cars

Fun with hangers!
The kids receive fake food for their birthday and Julia immediately starts passing it out.

Mommy’s pink and brown Converse nicely complement Julia’s outfit.
Julia and James each take one of Mommy’s boots.
Favorite Foods for Both
Freeze-dried blueberries
Broccoli cake (Dr. Praeger’s)
Brown rice
Brown rice cake
Cookies (especially fortune cookies)
Crackers (graham crackers, cheddar bunnies, peanut butter sandwich crackers, cheese sandwich crackers)
Rice Krispies
Dried green mango
Baby corn

Favorite Songs for Both
*Twinkle Twinkle; ABC, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Happy Birthday (before bed and an extra Twinkle for Julia)
*Jingle Bells
*Frosty the Snowman
*Up on the Housetop
(lots of Raffi Christmas songs; they like to ride to the last three on their horsey and zebra)
Lots of other Raffi songs (and entire Raffi albums in the car): Mr. Sun, Down by the Bay; Aikendrum, *Baby Beluga
*Bonanza theme (Papa and Gaga sing it while the kids ride their horsey and zebra)
Slippery Fish
Take Me out to the Ballgame (with Papa and Gaga)
Mommy sings: Earth Angel, *Summertime (“summertime summertime sum sum summertime”)

Favorite Books for Both
Good Night Gorilla (see video of Julia “reading” it)
But Not the Hippopotamus (especially Julia)

(*very favorite)

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