Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Katy ChaCha Blog: My Kid-Friendly Version

As you may remember, recently it was Julia’s turn to take teddy bear Katy Cha Cha home from school for the weekend, and then turn in a picture journal of Katy’s adventures to share with her classmates. Mark wrote a hilarious yet totally inappropriate entry, and I turned it in.

But before submitting it, I happened to chat with another mom from the preschool class, and learned that the teacher reads the journal aloud. I decided that might not be the best (hearing about Katy debating whom to eat first might inspire some nightmares), so in addition to Mark’s masterpiece I hastily composed a second kid-friendly entry for Katy ChaCha in the morning before class.

Here is my entry for Katy ChaCha:

On my first night with Julia I got to eat pizza. I wished it was topped with honey but plain cheese was good, too.

Mmmm… pizza.

The next day we went to Panera where Julia offered me some of her heart-shaped Hello Kitty candies.

I put my whole face in the tin of candies. I should really learn some manners.

On Saturday we took a road trip to the East Bay and all we did was eat! First at lunch I nibbled some of Julia’s fortune cookie, then I got to sample cinnamon-y morning buns at La Farine bakery, and last we gobbled cupcakes at a place called James and the Giant Cupcake. I was stuffed. Literally. I mean, I’m a stuffed bear.

Julia shared her fortune cookie with me.

I considered scarfing down James’s morning bun when he looked away.

Sunday I went to Snip Its with Julia and her brother, James . I watched him get a furcut. Oops. I mean a haircut. After that we went to Trader Joe’s. We found Stan the stuffed dog who was hidden in the store so we all received lollipops.

How about some salmon-flavored lollipops next time, Trader Joe’s?

I can’t wait to see the next family!

Katy ChaCha

The actual diary entries transcribed by me:


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