Monday, April 13, 2015

Brian Bear Visits Julia

Another preschool, another bear to take home. A few days ago, Julia got to bring home the class stuffed animal, Brian the Bear, show it a good time, and then have us write about the experience to share in class. Since I recently wrote James’s Brian the Bear entry, I made Mark do it. Also, his journal entries for stuffed bears are always hilarious.

(Apparently my kids were the only ones that laughed while the entry was read aloud in class. I’m sure it’s because I read it to them over breakfast and explained all the jokes.)

With no further ado, Mark’s entry for Brian the Bear visiting Julia:

My Day With Julia

What up, preschoolers?! This is B to the B, Bri the Guy, Brizzle the Bizzle, also known as Brian the Bear. Today I went home with Julia and boy-oh-boy we had such a time. Julia’s dad, who’s also my personal secretary responsible for chronicling my adventures, wasn’t home for the first few hours so everything that happened then is strictly off the record. If a bear gets hungry and eats the neighbor’s cat, but no one is around to take pictures, did it really happen? Who knows?

Anyway, we puttered around the house for a bit. Maybe ate some cats. Maybe didn’t eat any cats. Eventually Julia’s dad came home and started up the grill in the backyard. Good thing too; I’ll be hibernating soon so I need to eat now!

Watching the grilling. Throw a few salmon on there for me, please.

We had burgers, hot dogs, sausage, pineapple, and salad for dinner. Good thing my ill-fitting boxer shorts have an elastic waistband! (But seriously, can I get some decent clothes please? Maybe some jeans? The silhouette here is doing nothing for me.)

Hanging out after dinner with Julia and James. Julia, are you going to finish that burger?
Sitting under the lights with Julia

After dinner we went inside to do some yoga. Because that’s a perfectly normal thing to do after dinner. I was pretty good at the poses, especially “slumping dog” and “limp sack of dirt cobra.”

Namaste, y’all!
Finally, after a long day of cooking, eating, doing yoga, and possibly eating cats, it was time to sleep.

Yawwwwwwn. Somebody wake me up when it’s Spring...

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