Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Day 3: Indian Food, Greenwich, and Mark’s Cousin Shelby

The national dish in the U.K. is chicken tikka masala so we can’t resist eating lunch at Dishoom, an Indian restaurant near Brick Lane. (Also, lunch seems like it’s the only time the line to eat there isn’t two hours long.) They have chai AND chocolate chai. I am in heaven.

Julia watches James eat a lime at Dishoom.

We take a driverless DLR train to Greenwich, and the kids have the time of their lives running from one end of the empty train to the other. We hike up to the Royal Observatory and of course stand on the Prime Meridian. (Conspiracy alert: GPS actually locates the Prime Meridian 100 meters east of where we’re standing.)

Julia has fun in an empty DLR car.

Julia jumps near the Greenwich DLR station.

Kathy and globe at the Royal Observatory

That line under us is the Prime Meridian.

More fun at the Prime Meridian.

Mark at the Prime Meridian. But his phone shows the truth.

We planned to meet Mark’s first cousin, Shelby, today anyway, and then found out she happened to live in Greenwich! She is nice enough to fulfill my wish of checking out the Greenwich Foot Tunnel (a creepy 100-year-old pedestrian tunnel under the Thames - I’m good staying on this side, thank you), and we eat Turkish food nearby. Afterwards to get to the Tube station we take a double decker bus. Julia is thrilled as she’d been obsessed with riding one. The kids stand inside without holding anything to try to surf while the bus is moving.

Meeting Mark's cousin Shelby in Greenwich

Kids’ favorite things of the day: Souvenirs from the Royal Observatory (double decker bus keychain and a Union Jack bracelet for Julia, perpetual calendar for James).

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