Friday, February 2, 2018

Day 9: Taking the Train to Paris

Back to reporting about our July trip to Europe. I was very passionate about the London leg of our trip (Tea! Cotswolds! More tea!). So I apologize in advance that the Paris leg won’t have the same verve. But I promise that tea will reappear at some point.
We go to the St. Pancras station to take the Eurostar train to Paris, and arrive 35 minutes
before the train leaves. We see a sign that says you must be there 30 minutes before
check-in, and we have yet to check in. Gulp!
James's postcard to Bubby and Grandpa, sent from the train station
Of course on the 2 ½ hour train to Paris we pass through the Chunnel, one of the things the
kids were most looking forward to this trip. So I tell them we’re in the Chunnel. They glance
outside at the blackness and immediately turn back to their tablets.
We check into our AirBnb in the hipster, non-touristy Canal St. Martin neighborhood
(between the 3rd and 11th arrondissements). Like our London AirBnb it’s another
fourth floor apartment with no elevator, but because of the high ceilings and steeper
staircases of our live-work building, it feels more like the fifth floor. Thankfully
everyone’s a trooper and it’s really not an issue except when carrying luggage.
Canal St. Martin
Julia watches Kathy and James walk next to the canal.

Look at those muscles!

Kathy with a portrait of herself (covered in freckles) by Julia.
Even the McDonald's in Paris have macarons. (We never tried them but we kind of wanted to.)

Julia’s favorite thing of the day: Exercise park (weight training machines) along the canal

James’s favorite: Exercise park

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