Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maternity Photos

Our friend Sophie happens to be a professional photographer (Sophia Field Photography) who specializes in maternity photography (a.k.a. a great person to know when you're pregnant.)

Mark and I went to her studio back in September. (I'm so glad we didn't wait a few weeks longer for our session since, unbeknownst to us, bed rest was lurking just around the corner!) She did our hair (yes, Mark's, too), and then photographed us for several really fun hours in different poses and garb. She was even patient with my limited arsenal of facial poses (basically, I can smile or I can smile).

You may remember Sophie as the possessor of the sink I clogged with vomit back in August in the case of "Kathy, Puke Detective: Was it Morning Sickness or Food Poisoning?" (I think we all know by now it was food poisoning.) We had eaten at Little Star an hour before the fateful vomitous clogging, yet I didn't believe it was responsible for the food poisoning since food poisoning usually can be blamed on food consumed at least 6 hours before. The puke-tastic episode in August created what smelled, tasted, and looked like a deep dish pizza smoothie in Sophie's sink. That might slow some people down from eating at Little Star again a month later. But not me. We returned with Sophie for dinner there after the portrait session.

Anyway here are some of the photos from the maternity photo session. Sophie also took newborn portraits at the beginning of January which I plan to post soon.

We may have been Sophie's palest clients ever. Well, me anyway.



  1. Ok, so these pictures are AMAZING. You guys look incredible!! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Julie!!!
    These were so much fun to take.