Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Growth by Month - The First Six Months

After seeing a friend do it several years ago, I planned to one day photograph my babies every month next to a stuffed animal in order to watch them grow. Think of it as a softer, more adorable alternative to the standard pen knife. For a long time-- even before Mark and I were married-- I thought that stuffed animal would be our giant ant, or as we called him, Big Bug. But Mark was never fully on board with this idea and in the end cuteness won out and I took the monthly baby pictures with Patrick Pup instead. You can see how much they've grown in the last six months. But first, a brief tribute to Big Bug...

Mark in a 2004 UFC fight against Big Bug

Big Bug in a rare moment of modesty, wearing pants

And now, babies getting bigger:


Julia at 12 days

Julia at 1 month

Julia at 2 months

Julia at 3 months

Julia at 4 months

Julia at 5 months

Julia at 6 months


James at 11 days

James at 1 month

James at 2 months

James at 3 months

James at 4 months

James at 5 months

James at 6 months


James and Julia at 6 months

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  1. Great idea --- that last one is my favorite. :)