Monday, September 6, 2010

What I Didn't Realize About Babies Before Birthin' Em: Part I

1) How much they rotate while sleeping

I've actually had babies do full 360s during the night. (I'd check on them every couple hours and see their progress. "Now they're at 90 degrees, now 180...") I think they're comforted by being able to touch a side of the crib. After we bought a full-sized crib we briefly had them share it, but one night I saw that James and Julia had rotated so that his head was next to her feet. That didn't seem like a good plan.

Julia got into this position herself. More than once I might add. (4 1/2 months)

James, probably about to embark on a 360 degree rotation (5 months)

2) Babies put their hands in their mouths constantly

Around the fifth month they'll start putting their hands and other objects into their mouths. I inwardly referred to our babies' sixth month as The Month Where EVERYTHING Went into Their Mouths. It's very animal-like - using your mouth to figure out the world around you. They'll pick up a toy, look at it for a moment, and then it goes straight to the mouth. The same happens when they grab onto your fingers and begin tugging them towards their mouths. It also becomes much harder to stage cute pictures because you have to convince them to remove that hand from their mouths. Double that problem with twins.

James tries to eat Julia's sleeve. (5 months)

James, you can politely kiss a girl's hand... not eat it. (5 1/2 months)

3) Your boobs will always be out (and also, sore)

This only applies if you are the mother of said babies. The first months, between breastfeeding every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to pumping in between, and having to let them air dry to prevent cracking, you'll always have your boobs on display. Invest in window shades. Also boob-related: "let down" is a pretty crazy experience.

4) A baby finding a nipple is like a dog with a chew toy

Let me explain. The first month when babies search for a nipple (human or bottle) they get close and then thrash around trying to locate it. It's not unlike a dog shaking his head back and forth while holding a chew toy.

Your boobs feel kind of like this.

5) Diapering is actually fun*

*Until about 8 months, then it becomes crazy

Diapering actually is fun before solid foods are introduced. Once solid foods are introduced in their sixth month, in the months that follow their poops are more substantial, plus it's around then that they like to flip over, and they're old enough they use their hands and want to "see what's going on down there." But before all that, at about one to two months when they're no longer crying while having their diaper changed, and only about 15% of their diapers involve poop, diapering is enjoyable. That's because by then they're just starting to smile and they stare at you and smile throughout the diaper change - especially if you sing or entertain them.

James on the changing table looking like he just told the punchline to a joke. "And then the pirate says, `Arrrr! It's driving me nuts!'" (2 1/2 months)


  1. As usual, I enjoy your posts. I agree that let down is a weird feeling. Interesting but weird fact: I have had at least one breast cancer patient tell me that she starting feeling a random "let-down" sensation in one breast, and soon thereafter was diagnosed with cancer in that breast. (In other words, if a non-nursing mother feels it, she should probably get it checked out!) Finally, just to let you know, diaper changes may get EVEN crazier!!

  2. This is awesome. I laughed at the boobs-on-display thing. So true.
    I don't feel the "let down."