Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rejected (and Two Accepted) Halloween Costumes

In case you hadn't heard I have twins, so I wanted them to dress in corresponding outfits for Halloween. Since I wanted them to match, that eliminated the following cool costumes:

Lobster in a pot. Some friends of ours actually put this costume on their baby registry.

Mr. T. (since Julia's hair naturally grows into a mohawk)

And then there were costumes online that were so awful they almost turned all the way to awesome.

Um, how does this baby stand?

This baby haunts my dreams.

James could be a baby pimp and Julia would be-- wait, never mind.

Out of all my matching costumes ideas, the one that was head and shoulders above the rest was Princess Leia and Darth Vader. I was about to order it and I could have sworn I had told Mark my plans, but apparently I hadn't (or, more likely, he hadn't been paying attention) because he was adamantly opposed. His vehemence was due to his belief that the kid in the Vader costume looked like Louie Anderson. He told me to get whatever costumes I wanted, just not Star Wars ones.

Leia and Darth Louie Anderson

Actual Louie Anderson. In his spare time he fights to give the Empire galactic supremacy and hosts Family Feud.

I also considered this Yoda outfit for James.

I stumbled on this but did not seriously consider the Most Ridiculous Chewbacca Outfit Ever.

Mark and I went as Princess Leia and Darth Vader for Halloween 1997, so that made an even better reason to have the twins go as Leia and Vader.

Those are real cinnamon buns on my head.

I went as Princess Leia again in 2006 (below) but decided to use fake cinnamon rolls that year so they wouldn't stick to my hair.

Obi Cinnabon Kenobi, you're my only hope.

So after Mark nixed the greatest twin Halloween costumes ever Leia and Vader, I considered these Halloween costumes for twins:

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I would have felt sorry for James as Peter Pan, and James isn't exactly light on his feet. Plus, I don't see how that hat would have stayed on. Julia would have made a cute Tink though.

Angel and Devil.

Bee and flower. I liked that the flower was in a pot, but I would have felt sorry for James as a bee. Kind of like that kid in the bee costume. Ashamed.

Lobster and Octopus. I really liked the lobster in a pot shown earlier, but wanted to make it work for twins. In the end we decided it wasn't twinsy enough.

It wasn't until after ordering this year's costumes that I discovered this:

Twin Octopi!

And finally, here's what the twins actually will be for Halloween. (I couldn't convince Mark to go as the Tin Man and have me go as the Scarecrow, even though I just learned from his mom that he actually was once the Tin Man as a child.)

One is the best child model ever and the other... isn't. You can decide for yourself who's who.

Weirdly, I found some good Dorothy accessories packaged with a dog costume:

I thought Mark might freak out when this costume arrived at our door. I only bought it for the wig, but it ended up not working out.

At least I didn't get this:

The Tin Poodle. I'm pretty sure if that dog could talk he would say, "Euthanize me."


  1. I wanted the Star Wars outfits too. When I saw the Wizard of Oz costumes, I knew the right choice was made. I'm partial; I'm Grandma.

  2. For the record, we only added the lobster to the registry. We already owned the pot.

    I love what you chose, and I also love the octopi!