Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Twins Visit Their First (and Second) Pumpkin Patch

A few weekends before Halloween, Mark, Grandma, the babies, and I all headed out to the pumpkin patch at Webb Ranch in Portola Valley. It was a much better pumpkin patch than one of those vacant lots on a busy street that will later transform to its next incarnation: Christmas Tree Lot. Webb Ranch also included a petting zoo and a haunted yurt house.

Anyway, I spent the morning and early afternoon making sure everyone was showered, picking out outfits for the babies, and figuring out when best to leave to maximize babies-in-a-good-mood time at the pumpkin patch. Fifteen minutes before we were scheduled to head out the door, Mark, who of course was not involved in any of the logistics, said, "Do we have to go today?" I would have killed him except I needed his camera. And thankfully we did go that day since it rained the following day.

The babies wore $20 pumpkin hats, snatched up on sale by Grandma ten months ago for $2, so they could blend in at the patch. They both also wore shoes, a big novelty for them. Julia kept hitting hers together, and James seemed very intrigued by hers as well (more on that to come!).

We had such a good time that when Poppa* arrived a few days later we all were game to go back (even Mark!) and we all wore the same exact outfits.

*Grandpa has elected to go by Poppa in the hopes the babies will say his name sooner.

James tries to eat Julia's shoe (he did this four times!), while Julia reaches a dirt clod to eat


  1. the last photo *almost* makes me want to run out and have children. they are the cutest hting in the world!

  2. We had such a good time and the babies were so much fun. Please note that the hats were less than $20, but it was still a great bargain.

  3. I LOVE the picture of James eating Julia's shoe, especially because she isn't even paying attention. Please tell me that picture will be put in their high school yearbook when they're both seniors. The world needs to see that picture.