Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas 2010: Santa Photos, James Eats Shoes (Again), and Presents!

I wasn't going to get Santa photos ($20 for a 2 hour wait at the mall? No thank you), but then I found out about Tiny Tots in Campbell. You set an appointment time so there's no wait, and they send you free high res images. While we waited (okay, there's a 5 minute wait), my dad smiled and chatted with someone else's little ones. Because of his grey beard and love of children, the store actually asked if he'd be one of their Santas! Later when I brought it up again to my dad that he could make some money on the side next year as a Santa, he said, "I didn't think they'd pay me. I'd do it for free!" (Pssssst, Dad, don't say that at Tiny Tots.)

Julia tolerated Santa, and then it was time for both of them to sit on Santa's lap. James was a minute away from a meltdown but he got through it. And then the photographer asked if I wanted some photos with just James and Santa. I knew what was inevitable (meltdown in t-minus 10 seconds at that point) but I also knew that the crying pictures are truly the best Santa pictures. I still feel guilty thinking about James looking right at me while bawling as if to say, "Save me, Mommy!"

Julia tolerates Santa...

Julia gets used to Santa and James does okay...

Uh oh.

My friend Natascha's twins, Emilie and Celeste, got the best Santa photo ever.

My parents and brother arrived two days before Christmas. When they arrived I raced to buy a pair of shoes for James to wear with his Christmas Eve and Christmas Day outfits. And then he didn't end up wearing them! I put his new shoes on him on Christmas Eve and he was much more interested in wriggling out of them and chewing on them. He also left bite marks in Julia's red Mary Janes. James loves him some footwear. One day I wore fuzzy green socks and he kept cuddling with my feet! He also will follow my mother-in-law around to try to get at her slippers.

Mmmm... tasty.

This is nothing new for James. At our trip to the pumpkin patch James tried to eat one of Julia's shoes four times.

James with Papa

Julia's hand got stuck in the curling ribbon and she dragged around this present for a little while.

The adults opened presents Christmas Eve so we would not be interrupted by babies a million times, but Christmas Day was all about the babies' presents.

Mommy Santa left Julia her favorite thing in her stocking. (James likes puffs too, but Julia shakes like a drug addict for them when she sees the container.)

Julia totally looks like Mark's dad here. It should be noted that Mark's dad does not crawl around with his tongue hanging out. Usually.


  1. Your dad would make a wonderful Santa! And I love that James eats shoes, it creates hilarious pictures that you can use against him when he's 18. I also love the picture of Julia "tolerating" Santa, since that's exactly what she looks like she's doing. "I'll sit here, but don't expect to get a smile out of me."

  2. Awww. My dad likes to say he has the best job in the world now: Grandpa.

    James (and to a lesser extent, Julia) love to cuddle feet, especially if those feet are in soft socks. It's really cute, and it'll be tempting to blackmail him with photos when he's older.