Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 or How I Became the Crazy Mom Who Rented Cupid Wings

A few weeks before Valentine's Day I had what I thought was a genius idea: dress James as Cupid. Yes, James would hate me as a teenager - especially when a girl could come by and (horrors!) see evidence of Mom's craziness hanging in the house - but for now since he can't protest, I could have my fun. I found a store that carried a Cupid's bow and arrow, and while I was there I also saw angel wings, which I wasn't initially planning to get. Then I found out they also rented prettier feather wings for the same price. And thus I became the crazy mom who actually rented Cupid wings for her son just to take some pictures.

Back in August, Mark and I were eating at one of our favorite restaurants with the babies, when a man approached us and said he'd be interested in taking pictures of the twins. I know this sounds like a good pedophile pick-up line, but he showed us poster size blown up prints of photos he'd taken of his granddaughters, and the owner had also used him to take photos for the menu. He was an amateur photographer with really good equipment and was interested in shooting babies for the first time. I finally got around to e-mailing him at the end of January and found he'd be happy to come by the next day to take pictures. (Note: too much enthusiasm is also a bad sign of a potential pedophile. My mom asked how she would recognize him if he came to the door, and I told her if he looked like a pedophile to let him in.) He set up five big lights in the nursery and took photos of the twins in regular clothes and also their Valentine's Day outfits. We also took our own photos of the babies in their Valentine's Day garb. (Photos 1, 4, and 5 were taken by the photographer.)

James is clearly thrilled to be Cupid.

Julia gets in position for her 100 meter sprint.

We are cleared for take-off.


  1. do you use cloth diapers? we used tiny tots service for over a yr and I'm thinking of going back to get a leg up on potty training. I loveed it!

  2. I'm a cloth diaper poseur. I put a cloth diaper over James's disposable for the pictures. He and Julia have a really cute set of cloth diapers with their names embroidered on them. Unfortunately their names aren't visible when they're worn.

    Before the twins were born I declared that we would be going with disposables because I would already not have a life, let alone have time to watch poopy diapers out to reuse. I feel a little guilty sometimes still living in the Bay Area after that proclamation.

    How do cloth diapers help with potty training? I heard recently that the Tiny Tots service is really good and affordable. If I'd known that before the twins were born I would have considered it.

  3. Oh don't feel guilty - i would have never done cloth if I hadto clean them! With tiny tots you just take them and put them in a bin - nothing else. the diaper ferry took them away and gave us fresh ones each week. I don't think it's good for the environment because whatever they do to them keeps them WHITE!

    Apparently babies get out of diapers earlier, on avergage, if they are cloth diapered. Probably because a cold wet cloth diaper against the bum is very noticable.

  4. I also tried one of the environmentally friendly disposable brands out there but it was terrible and leaked so badly we had to toss them.

    You're totally right to question the eco-friendliness of a process that keeps them that white!

    Interesting about the cold wet cloth diaper. Yeah, I guess cloth diapers don't have those magical ingredients that wick away moisture.