Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kathy's Thursday Jeopardy Episode Part III: The Game Gets Worse Before Getting Better

(Again, you can see the Thursday, 10/21/10 episode here.)

6:53 I actually know most of the NFL questions (that shows how easy they were), though admittedly my football is so rusty (was it ever NOT rusty?) that I would have said Aiken (as in Clay) instead of Aikman (as in Troy).

7:42 The score is 5600-3000-200 - my worst deficit of the whole game.

Worst. Score. Ever.

7:58 Benne wafers are apparently from Charleston. Who knew? Apparently a woman from my church did and she gifted me some after my appearance.

9:37 Too bad I didn’t get this Daily Double (answer: Manuel Noriega) since I knew the answer. (In retrospect I'm glad the scores were exactly as they were at the end because being forced to bet so much meant I walked away with a lot of money. But almost as good as me not getting this question, Matt didn’t know it and lost $2000. (Sorry, Matt. Nothing against you and you're a nice guy. I just have to think about the ultimate outcome here.)

When I went to take a screenshot of Matt's expression, my video pixelated and I got the image at the top. I would have opted for the clearer image at the bottom but I kind of prefer the top one.

10:18 Go to commercial break. The score is 5800-3000-2000. And Mark and Brendan are visible in the studio audience! (You can barely see Lila's black and white top but she's mostly hidden.)

Mark is the guy on the farthest right, three rows down, and Brendan is the curly-headed fellow near the middle, with Lila in between, per the red arrows.

Next time: Kathy's Thursday Jeopardy Episode Part IV: Double Jeopardy

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