Friday, September 9, 2011

Kathy's Thursday Jeopardy Episode Part IV: Double Jeopardy

(Again, you can see the Thursday, 10/21/10 episode here.)

10:51 I land on a Daily Double. The wranglers told us not to add excess words to the game (such as shortening category names), but I throw my cares to the wind. I mean how often do I get to say, “Alex, I’ve always wanted to say `Make it a true daily double...’”? I’m thinking the answer to my question is “dress” when suddenly “sari” comes to me since the category is "Welcome to India." Now I’m in second place: 5800-3000-4000.

I sound and look unsure when I answer but I know I’m right and say a small “Yay!” when Alex confirms it.

The India category goes well for me. I’m in the lead after my Bay of Bengal answer, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t notice: 5800-5000-6400. In my Winner’s Circle interview after the show (but cut from the version that aired online), I was asked about whether I'd traveled to India as though India was my strength, but really I only got the three middle clues in the category and missed the first one...

11:57 Yes, I guessed you could take a tour of an Indian state by elephant. Get your laughing over with.

"What is ruining my momentum on the India category by guessing something stupid?"

12:06 Science category with The Clue Crew. Crap. I play Jeopardy! by scanning clues for dates and facts so I am no good at these clues where I have to actually listen.

12:45 The Clue Crew is releasing aerosol into the environment for no reason.

13:41 The score is 10600-5800-6000. Not looking good.

I (barely) get a question right that's delivered by Wolf Blitzer. I’m sorry for ever making fun of you, Wolf. No, not really.

Judging by your abysmal Celebrity Jeopardy! appearance I’m not too surprised your favorite movie is about playing hooky from school...

"Oh, Wolf..."

Even Wolf Blitzer can’t bear to see his score.

13:51 I get a question about the zodiac sign Gemini. You can see me smile when Alex says, “The twins.”

What is something you should have asked me about in the interview instead of whether or not I'm a good cook?

14:01 We get a question about Virgo that no one rings in on.

Triple stumper faces! Mine's the only embarrassing one.

14:09 I get the Daily Double about Sagittarius. I expected this sign to come up the whole category, so I was ready for it.

"Ppppppff... what to bet, what to bet..."
Waiting for the question...
"Hells yeah!"

I’m in the lead! 10600-5800-11200.

It only lasts until the next question. But still, for now, in the lead!

14:43 Crap. A whole category devoted to French. Looks like I chose the wrong language to take in high school.

16:36 And the last question about Great Expectations gets me into the lead! Thank goodness for 9th grade English!

16:47 You can see me look at the scores and see that I’m totally surprised and excited to be in the lead. 12600-8600-12800. I'm not exactly subtle about looking at my score either.

"That sound means it's the end of the round, and Kathleen looks like she's a deer stuck in headlights."

My series of "I'm in the lead!" faces. Kind of like the stages of denial, except not. The first stage: surprise. The second stage: relief. And the third: gloating.

Meanwhile, here's Matt.

Next time: Kathy's Thursday Jeopardy Episode Part V: Final Jeopardy

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