Friday, May 18, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012: Playgroup Party

My friend Stacy threw a Valentine's Day party for our Mom's Night Out Playgroup. Julia wore her heart-iest outfit, which happened to be one I bought out of the back of someone's car (nothing sketchy about that). And James wore his favorite red hat.

In attendance:

Twins Zoe and Zachary (mom Sharon)

Ronan (mom Stacy) and Oliver (mom Rachel) with the same head pose

And of course, my two little cupids:

Hopefully you know who these two are by now...

The house was decorated to the hilt. I particularly liked the hearts with the names of all the playgroup friends. Unfortunately Josh and Sam couldn't make it.


Close-up. I see what you did there, Stacy.

Ronan chillaxes on the table.

Julia puts on her shoe. 

Stacy served up heart-shaped doughnuts and heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and directed a craft in which each child put stickers onto a bag with their name on it. Julia preferred to put a big elephant sticker and an "x" on top of her name - muy misterioso, Julia. I tell James to put his stickers on his bag and he meticulously places each one on his back. I'm not sure if he thought I said "back" instead of "bag" or if that's just his favorite sticker location.

Stacy's homemade cake doughnuts

Zoe enjoys a heart-shaped pb&j while Zachary contemplates eating his doughnut.

Treat bags and heart-shaped bracelets

Julia puts her heart-shaped bracelet into her heart-shaped dress pocket.

"I need more stickers for my back, er... bag."

"Are we done yet? I want to see if Ronan got me chocolates. And flowers. And jewelry."

Then it was time for the big event - the valentine exchange! It was a controlled chaos with each mommy giving their kid a valentine and instructing them on who to give it to, so we had a lot of kids running around the room to other kids who were also running to deliver their valentines.

I, er... James and Julia made their valentines from foam hearts and stickers I purchased at Michael's. They wrote a message on the back to each friend.

Stacy chose large valentines that look great in a photograph.

Zoe, Ronan (look closely or you'll miss him) James, Zachary, and Julia run around the room, delivering valentines.

James gives Zachary a valentine.

Zoe gives Ronan a valentine and tells Julia, "That's MY man!"

Ronan and Julia had special valentines for each other.

Julia studiously ignores the Valentine that Ronan is trying to give her. (Julia is working on playing hard-to-get.)

But then she foists a valentine on Ronan.

Julia drops the valentine and flees.

Julia reads her valentine from Ronan in front of Oliver to try to make him jealous. Not surprisingly, Oliver is more interested in the car he's holding.

Then we forced all the kids to sit together on the sofa, as we do at the end of every party.

Zachary, Ronan, Julia, James, Oliver, and Zoe

And then there were four...

And then (if you disregard James getting cropped out) there were two little lovebirds...

Lucky James - I didn't even make him dress like Cupid this year.

Thanks to Stacy for many photos and some stolen captions.

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