Thursday, March 21, 2013

Halloween 2012, Part IV: Trick-or-Treating

(Here are Part I, Part II, and Part III.)

And finally, Halloween itself! Papa and Gaga join us trick-or-treating. Despite being dressed as dogs, James and Julia ironically are terrified of dogs that come to the doors with their owners. At each door we ask Julia to scare the door answerer and she bellows "Booooooo!" at them, and it’s a hoot to see their reactions. Just in time for Halloween James develops a deep evil laugh that is hilarious. After each candy grab, Julia says, “More houses!” and is intent on trick-or-treating til she drops. Meanwhile James wants to slow down and look at every house’s Halloween decorations.

Julia's best "Booooo!" to our neighbor Paul.


Our neighborhood is a trick-or-treating wasteland, and there’s at least one house where we’re the only visitors so we get lots of attention. We have such a good time that we stay out trick-or-treating for an hour and a half, and find ourselves at our last house - Debbie’s - at 9 p.m. That's when it suddenly starts to pour on our wet and tired puppy dogs. Thankfully she offers us a ride home!

"So many treats, so little time."

After it starts raining at Debbie's house, James and Julia wait for her to drive us home.

They, especially James, love being doggies. Currently (four months later), his favorite thing to do is pretend to be a doggy, complete with requests like “can I lick you?” and “give me a tummy rub.”

Julia with Bunny and James with Doggy

James the Puppy Dog loves Puppy Dog.

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