Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Deliverance" Delivery?

(I'm a bit behind on posts due to both a pre-term labor scare which landed me in the hospital - I'll report on this soon - and my attempts whenever I'm online to figure out what baby gear we need. I wrote this post a month ago but haven't gotten around to posting it until now.)

I felt Twin B (the girl) kick during Road House and then after that Twin A (the boy) enjoyed kicking me all week. Mark got to feel it too. However, I didn't feel Twin B kick again the entire week so I contacted my doctor. She said it was so early in my pregnancy it was probably nothing to worry about but that if it would alleviate my worries I could come in since she hadn't seen me in awhile. What nervous mother-to-be wouldn't say "yes"?

I had thought that the boy was on my right and the girl was on my left. That's sort of true but they're still migrating to those positions. Right now the boy is in front of the girl. So apparently that's why I feel him kick much more often. Since the appointment I will notice the girl once in a while get a good kick in on her side.

I also heard their heartbeats for the first time. The boy's was unmistakable and really loud and fast. Because the girl is behind the boy I couldn't really make out the her heartbeat (though I saw it on the ultrasound), but the doctor could. I thought it sounded like a static-y CB radio.

Membrane between the twins. I'm not sure about that random sphere.
How'd that 80s plasma ball get in my vagina?!

80s plasma ball, don't hurt my lady parts.

When the doctor and I watched the ultrasound, she said the twins were swimming around with their heads next to each other "kissing."

Both heads next to each other, possible kissing. Insert Dueling Banjos joke.

I told Mark and he said we're going to have to make them stop doing that when they come out. I suggested we name them Luke and Leia. He said it should be Angelina Jolie and whatever her brother's name is.

Real Angelina and her brother.

Fake Angelina and her brother on Saturday Night Live with their love child, Kerplixik.

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