Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Update: Week 24

Number of weeks pregnant: 24 weeks

Total weight gain in past week: 0 pounds. (I know, shocking. My doctor says it'll all even out. I just happened to gain 0 pounds this week, and 4 pounds 4 weeks ago.)

Most recent natural product purchase: I dyed my hair again with semi-permanent color. Most doctors will tell you that you can dye your hair while pregnant. I had one doctor who said she didn't recommend it, and I figured one being against it was good enough for me. (I know most of you probably think I'm overreacting.) In the last two months I started using a semi-permanent color with no ammonia or peroxide that I can only find at Sally's Beauty Supply. This was my second time dyeing my hair. The downside is that I now have to dye my hair once a month instead of once every three.

New pregnancy symptom I've noticed: I now have a faint temporary line going down my stomach-- it fades after pregnancy. I hoped that I was too fair to get them (finally my paleness paying dividends!), but no. I get to burn after 5 seconds in the sun and get a line down my stomach.

Other new pregnancy symptom: Whenever I stand I feel like I need to pee - even if I just peed. It goes away when I sit down. (It would be funny if it went away when I was sitting on the toilet. Well, not really funny...)

Food cravings:
Pizza again - especially from Little Star or Amici's.

Baby gift: My mother-in-law's friend, Elaine, made us really cute baby quilts. About a month ago we picked out the designs we wanted from some pictures she sent us and we chose two designs with safari animals because they were the cutest (we can't resist a cute elephant) and went with our nursery safari animal theme. Mark is sad he can't claim a quilt (or two) for himself.

Quilt A

Mark points out his favorite part of the quilt. Mr. Pillar.

Mark promptly scrunches up the quilt.
Bad Mark! It's not a blanket!

Quilt B

Bad Mark! That can leave wrinkles!

Used thing I'm most excited about: Boppy from Andrea, bag of baby girl clothes from Julia.

Maternity clothing news:
I can no longer wear my non-maternity pajama bottoms. The only things that fit me on the bottom now are my maternity jeans and maternity corduroys. I also outgrew my borrowed maternity shorts. Now I have to wear my maternity jeans to work out, but thankfully my exercise now only consists of walking. Mark often comes with me.

What I've learned:
It's best to get help when getting up from being seated on the ground. Mark and I saw War Games outside on a blanket at Google and it was really tough getting up. (At home I roll over to a kneeling position to get up, but I didn't have that luxury on a small blanket on the grass.) By the way, War Games is awesome.

Would you like to play a game? It's called "not being able to get back up once you're sitting on the ground". The only winning move is not to play.

Other news this week: We made an offer on a third house. (We also did a stake out to see how much noise would be generated by the two preschools located behind it. Answer: Surprisingly not that much noise.) But we lost to someone who bid all in cash. Again.

Our friend Sophie (of throwing up in her sink fame) is a professional photographer specializing in maternity photography. How lucky is that? She did a photo session with us which was a lot of fun. When she's done Photoshopping us to make us look beautiful I'll post the photos here. We ate the same pizza I threw up in her sink afterwards (well, not the exact same pizza) and surprisingly eating there didn't repulse me at all.

Also, Mark painted my toenails! Unfortunately he did not allow me to take pictures. I told him it was too hard for me to reach them anymore so he had a choice - pay for a pedicure or paint them himself. While painting them he complained that when I do it, I don't allow enough time for my base coat to dry before applying color.

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