Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maternity Clothes as Worn by Dudes

I received many bags of maternity clothes (thanks everyone!). And then my husband Mark and friend Brendan got into them. Okay, maybe I forced them to. Anyway they were game when I asked them to model.

Brendan in his maternity Daisy Dukes.

I'm still not sure how this top is maternity since it's cropped higher than a normal non-maternity top.
I know those aren't really Daisy Dukes, but maternity Daisy Dukes sound like an awful idea waiting to happen... Coming Fall 2010?

Brendan models a 1980s work appropriate maternity dress with unfortunately placed buttons.

Mark strikes a ballet pose in these paisley maternity pants.
(model's own shirt)

Mark attempts 1st position.


  1. as i recall, the first photo needed some serious help from fashion tape in order to prevent that incredible-hulk-post-transformation-clothing look in the chest area.

    (rrrrrr! hulk lactate!)


  2. I forgot about the fashion tape...

  3. Don't make me pregnant. You wouldn't like me when I'm pregnant.

  4. I think those are all my clothes. The first top is for early in your pregnancy. My mom and I had a bet about about the pants in the last two photos.

  5. I think they all are your clothes. I had just received your clothes (and didn't have much from other people yet) when these were taken.

    Honestly I don't see how the first top could be maternity since it's cut so high, but then again (as my mother likes to point out) I have a long torso. I remember you describing some of your maternity hand-me-downs as 80s career wear, and assumed the blue dress was one of those. The pants weren't bad but I never got to wear them since they only fit me in about my 2nd month (you'll see they fit Mark pretty well here - I think that's why he chose them).

    Was the bet whether or not they were yours?