Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Showering for 4, Part II: The Attendees and a Photo Essay on Elliott's Mouth

Unfortunately from my limited bed rest sofa vantage point I missed out on getting good pictures of many in attendance including Lila, Kelsi, Brendan, April, Drew, Heidi, Alison, Raelle, and Zack.

Some pictures of the attendees:

Rachel holds a package with a message she transcribed from her four year old daughter.:
"Dear MarKathy, I hope you love your babies. We're making a present just for you. -Raelle"

Lindsey's mom, April, told her she could touch my belly as long as she was very gentle.

Lindsey's dad and local politico, Bryan, with his son Brady.

Rivven as the youngest person ever to wear a Richard Simmons costume. (Halloween was the day before.)

I like to think she was inspired by my Halloween costume from last year. (Mark was the woman who claimed that someone carved a B into her cheek (for Barack) after seeing her McCain bumper sticker, a.k.a. the world's most last minute costume.)

More Lindsey.

Heidi's dog, Strider, is clearly thrilled to be here.

Strider's not sure what to make of Mark's lumbering zombie walk.

I read a card from my mother-in-law while Mark opens the gift.


And now, a photo essay on Elliott's mouth:

Uh-oh. Tim holds his son, Elliott whose mouth looks like it could be full of something...

Phew. I guess it was a false alarm.

Maybe not...

Next time... Part III: The Games


  1. I LOL'd at the photo essay! Last year I went along to get Santa photos at the mall of my nephew and niece (then 2.5y and 6mo) and I was handed my niece while my nephew climbed up on Santa's lap. Luckily I was holding her facing away from me, because she had a little burp followed by an eruption of baby spew all over the front of her dress. We mopped things up while my nephew talked to Santa.

    (A Santa photo with the two of them happened without a hitch at a different location a few days later.)

  2. I'm glad you liked the photo essay! My husband argued that I should drop it since you can see telltale drool in the second picture, invalidating my caption.

    Yes, it's always dangerous holding a baby. I'll get used to it but I'm always afraid of what might come out of their mouths.

  3. Never trust a baby whose dad always has a burp cloth over his shoulder.