Sunday, December 6, 2009

Showering for 4, Part III: The Games

This was the logo made for the shower and used on the Evite and signs outside. Look familiar?

Game #1: Everyone had a picture on their backs of a famous set of twins (e.g. Luke & Leia), a famous parent of twins (e.g. Julia Roberts), or a famous person that has a twin, whether or not they're known for having a twin (e.g. Justin Timberlake). They then asked other people yes or no questions to figure out the identity of their pictures. I had Ricky Martin who apparently is the father of twins, and I thought was of medium difficulty. I thought Mark had the hardest one with Ann Landers and Dear Abby, just because it's hard to guess their field (not acting, sports, or music), until I saw Drew's. He had Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski who, as everybody knows, are the President and Former Prime Minister of Poland.

The eyes? The cheekbones? Come on! Who doesn't know that Lech and Jaroslaw are twins?

Game #2: Baby bingo! While Mark and I opened gifts everyone got a bingo card with the spaces occupied by a combination of 1) gifts we might receive (onesies, blankets, something with elephants) and 2) things I might say when opening gifts. I never realized how often I started sentences with "sadly," "thankfully," and "in my defense."

Oddly enough I didn't mention Patrick Swayze even once. Well... until I got this:

But that's just baiting me.

Mark's mom sent us adorable crocheted animals.

Mark off a space on your Bingo card if you have "something with lions."

It's a zoo... plus a dinosaur!

The prizes for the games were socks with crazy prints inspired by my own odd collection of socks, which includes eyeball socks, toe socks (one has cow spots and the toes are udders), as well as socks for nearly every holiday.

Game #3: This was a The Price Is Right style pricing game where we had to rank 12 baby items in order from most to least expensive, and also guess their prices. I think Mark had the second lowest score (you can tell who made the registries).

This card shows the answers, but who knew diaper cream was so spendy?

We ran out of time on our club room reservation so we continued the festivities in our apartment and played the final game. (Unfortunately there wasn't enough time for Lila's chocolate fondue.)

Game #4: Because of my love of TV in general, and 80s sitcoms in particular, Brendan put together two sitcom quizzes. (He and Lila also made TV based games for our bridal shower and one of these was later integrated into Brendan and Jon's awesome online game, Celebrity Guess Who.) The first quiz dealt with identifying the type of floorplan different sitcoms had - whether the kitchen was on the left or on the right of the living room. The floorplans were taken from this site. For the second quiz we were given a blank map of the U.S. and a list of sitcoms and told to identify the city where each show took place. (My favorite two things - geography and TV!) The actual quiz is here. The answers were taken from this site. (There's also a cool map also just showing New York City shows.)

The favors were packets of tea with commemorative "evil David Hasselhoff" seals.

Does KITT also have an evil twin with a goatee?


  1. I just realized I did the Price is Right game backwards. I made #1 the least expensive. Oops. :)

  2. Matthew and Mark still did worse than you...

  3. Best baby shower ever!

  4. KITT did have an evil twin. KARR! (Knight Automated Roving Robot)

    How did I do on the price is right game? We had to leave...

  5. I've bee following your blog since your intro in the dec2009 LJ community. Just noticed your sidebar saying the twins were born and I wanted to pass on my congratulations!

  6. I'm been checking your blog for weeks to see if the twins have arrived! Since I see the 12/7 date on the sidebar, congratulations! I can't wait for an update.

    I don't know if you remember my comments, but my b/g twins were due 1/5 and I had them 12/15. I'm not sleeping at all right now :) so I understand why you haven't even had the chance to blog!

    Best wishes and I hope all is well with your little ones!
    Kellie in CT

  7. Kathlyn, thanks for the congratulations! I'm glad you followed me over from LJ. The powers that be got mad at me for posting there. :(

    Kelli, I definitely remember you. Congratulations to you, too!!! You found the only change to my blog - the birthdate in the sidebar. One day when the twins sleep long enough (ha!) I'll finish a post about their births.

  8. Hey! Wanted to say I also followed you from LJ January 2010 due date group, my daughter was born January 24th, and I was waiting to hear about your twins as well. Glad to hear everyone is hear safe and sound, hoping for updates when you have some time, I can't even imagine, I have been completly overwhelmed caring for just 1 newborn, hope you have loads of support and help.

  9. Jaime, thanks! I've been working on a post about the birth of the twins but it's so difficult to find time to finish it. I'm happy to hear you found me through LJ - I got a thrashing from the moderators of that community for posting about it!

    Congratulations on your new daughter!