Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here We Go a Diaperin'

At first the twins weren't thrilled with diaper changes, but that all changed at about 1 1/2 months. I made up my own song and started singing it to them and smiling while they were being changed. Soon James and Julia loved diaper changes! James has actually been in the room while Julia is being changed and started smiling when he heard the song. (In fact he's still a bigger fan of getting changed than Julia.)

To the tune of the traditional English carol, Here We Come A-Wassailing with only a few lyrics changed:

Here we go a diaperin' upon the changing table
Here we go a diaperin' as far as we are able
Love and joy come to you
And to you a clean diaper too
And God bless you and grant you a diaper free of poo ("Yes you!" or "I love you!" or "Unlike this one!" if diaper is soiled)
And God bless you and grant you a diaper free of poo

I follow this up with the Hokey Pokey while I dress them:

You snap the left leg in
You snap the left leg out
You snap the left leg in and you shake it all about...

One of my favorite pictures of James

This might be the first real photo of Julia smiling. This one from when she was three weeks old doesn't really count.

James pees on us about once a week while getting changed. My mom was worried her laughter after he pees was encouraging him to do it in the future, so now when it happens she gets all serious and tells him, "James, that's not acceptable."

You better use a pee-pee teepee!

Julia occasionally pees on while being changed, too. My mom says she never heard of a girl doing that before (possibly because I had some decorum as a baby), but my friends with little girls say they definitely peed, too. When Julia pees while Mark is changing her he tells her, "Well played, Julia. Well played."

No class, Julia.

We've had some bad poopy diaper incidents. While I was changing a three week old James, he decided to poop right then and fecal shrapnel ended up three feet away. Another time at Newborn Club, while in a lucite bassinet, my mom was changing James and held his naked legs in the air while we had a nurse come over to tell us whether the contents of his diaper were diarrhea (answer: no). All of a sudden James let loose a poop salvo that hit the bassinet like gunfire, entertaining/horrifying the other newborn parents. I was walking by at the time and actually ducked. I was saved by an inch of lucite. My mom's white fleece jacket was not so lucky.

Don't keep my naked butt and legs in the air too long!


  1. The babies are darling...you are so blessed! Love, Barbara Menard :)

  2. WOW! Is this why they call twins: double trouble?
    You ought to publish these stories in magazines. What a talent you have. I actually visualized the entire scenario with the B.M. going everywhere!
    Tell Pam not to wear white anymore............

  3. Kathy we have a specific song for a smelly baby.

    there's a poopy in there!
    a poopy in there!
    a poopy! a poopy! a poopy in there!

    direct and to the point. I like it.

  4. Aw... Thanks, Barbara! I love my cuties.

    Judy, thanks - I'm glad I tell such vivid poo stories! :)

    Jason, you'll have to teach me the melody.