Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So, Who Do They Take After?

Ever since the little ones were born, there's been much talk about who they look like. Let's start with the easy one...

J u l i a

Julia looks like Mark. I was shocked not to have noticed it until she was two weeks old and someone brought it to our attention. Now it seems totally obvious. They have the same nose, ears, and big eyes, plus their facial features are similarly proportioned.

Julia in her first month at her resembling Mark-iest

Mark with a death wish on his first birthday. I like that the cake is decorated with "M.P." Also, I want that apple chair.

I've been told Julia looks a little like me in this photo where she's in mid tumble.

J a m e s

Then there's James. Overall he seems to favor my side of the family. It might not be immediately apparent, but I can see it in our noses (poor guy), deep set eyes, and mouth. He also has my translucent (read: very pale) skin. He has blond hair like Mark's, but it has a slightly reddish cast. (Mine is obviously dyed red now but it had a slight auburn cast as a child.)

James at two months; me at 3 years

James has big hands and feet, a really strong neck (somewhere under all the chins), and seems to have the build (and budding gut) of a Mikulis man.

James kind of looks like both my brother and me. Apparently when we were children my parents would mix us up, so they'd have to embroider our names on all our clothing.

You'll have to take my word for it, but of everyone James most strongly resembles (I think) Uncle Michael (here pictured with a chocolate cigar). Here's James at his resembling Uncle Michael-iest. James also looks like my dad, obviously pre-beard.

Even though James is more Mikulis-y, he still has some Pilloff in him. I definitely see a resemblance to Mark's brother, Daniel. James has Daniel's slightly curly hair and face shape.

James at his resembling Uncle Daniel-iest

Daniel and Mark at Google in New York City. (The Google sign is made of actual Lego.)

Mark (center), a.k.a. Julia clone, being crowded out by his siblings. My mom thinks Julia will look like Mark's sister Rachel, and of course I think James resembles Daniel.


  1. You forgot to mention the baby's personalities. Julia is closer to being like you. . . wild and crazy. James is closer to Mark. . .subdued and serious. Mom M.

  2. Your kids are the cutest! Not only is it amusing and time consuming figuring out who they look like, but also (in my opinion, of course!) one of the most wonderful things about having children. It sounds silly really, because I figured ours would look like us to some degree, but I am in awe with how much I can see my relatives in them. One day we'll say "I see your mom in her" or "He totally looks like your dad when he does that". For some odd reason, I didn't expect this and it is so so neat! Glad to see you're having fun with it too. :)

  3. Cathy, after 9 months (or less in my case) I was very excited to meet them and see what they looked like. Somehow by having the boy look like me and the girl look like my husband (instead of the expected other way around) it makes it all much more interesting!