Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July Starring James & Julia

St. Patrick's Day was such a hit that Grandma bought six (!) Independence Day outfits, and I bought some flags and got busy photographing the wee ones. It was hard but I limited these photos to the very best; click here to see the rest.

Does licking count as desecrating the flag?

I claim this bellybutton for America!

Julia doesn't know where her hat ends and the blanket begins.

Julia kept hitting herself in the head so I timed this photograph to be at the moment of impact.


  1. Is that because of the picture where he plants the flag? And by "he" I mean, I do it for him.

  2. yes;

  3. That's what I thought you had in mind. Too bad I don't have some smaller babies doing the flag plant on James.