Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet James, Part III


Eating his hand
Any solid food
Being pulled from a lying to a sitting position (I call it "waterski")
Dinosaur poster (according to Grandpa)
Framed pictures over the sofa
Climbing Mt. Kila-mom-jaro
Flipping over when he should be napping
Grabbing his feet
Mommy's game of Near and Far (inspired by Sesame Street's Grover)
A blanket fluttered over his head
Lying on my legs while being sung to
Being lifted overhead to "fly"

Blond girl toy
Giraffe hanging toy
Vibrating bee on flower toy (especially his 1st month)

"Bicycle Race" sung while his legs are moved as though riding a bicycle
"The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room" sung to go to sleep
"Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing" sung with kisses on his face instead of "tweets"
"Here We Go a Diaperin'" (Mommy's diaper changing song)
"The Lion/Julia Sleeps Tonight" sung when it's time to go out in the stroller
"The Cornell Alma Mater" sung by Daddy
"This Old Man" sung by Grandma
"You Are My Sunshine" sung by Grandpa

James taking a bite out of his giraffe hanging toy.

James's favorite little blond girl is in the foreground. Notice how he ignores all the other toys just for her.

5 month old James snacks on his little blond girl.

Waking up from naps
New people
Mark playing "happy face/sad face"


  1. I love getting to know James! What a happy guy. And I LOVE Grover's Near and Far song.

  2. James used to sing with Grandpa Mikulis, "You Are My Sunshine" when he was a few months younger. Grandma Mikulis

  3. Marianne: Aw, thanks! Near and Far is a big crowd pleaser. I usually entertain both babies at the same time with that.