Friday, July 9, 2010

Playdate with Oliver and Elliott

On June 6th the twins had their second playdate. This one was hosted by Rachel and Ryan, parents of 10 1/2 month old Oliver, whose head circumference is only rivaled by James's massive noggin. We hadn't seen them since joining them for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory the day I had my first pre-term labor scare. Thankfully nothing bad happened later in the day this time after seeing them. We were also joined by Alison and Tim, parents of 3 year old Zack and 11 month old Elliott. (Oliver and Elliott were last seen in this blog when they were newborns.) Julia was the only girl there so she was popular. (It helped that she was also in a better mood than James when we arrived.) You may recognize the twins' outfits from my last post.

Alison tries to hypnotize Julia...

...Julia would now think she was a chicken, if she knew what that was

Zack holds Julia and everything seems fine...

...until Julia suddenly turns rabid!

Rachel holds Julia

Oliver makes it over the obstacle course that is Rachel's legs

Rachel and Julia appraise each other


Ryan holds Julia while she checks out his library

Alison holds Elliott

James is very fond of Rachel

Mark shows off Julia's jean diapers. (Yes, you've seen it here before.)

Anderson Cooper, er... Ryan, and Oliver

Ryan, er... Anderson Cooper without Oliver


  1. And Tim wasn't actually there.

  2. I have no photographic evidence of tim's existence let alone his attendance at the playdate.

  3. The Anderson Cooper "look alike" was on the mark.
    Oliver is an adorable baby. Grandma