Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet James at 6-12 Months, Part III

Seeing us yawn (the height of hilarity)
Slapping things (especially the floor and changing table shelf, and possibly ants)
Touching and toppling the diaper pail
Yogurt, peas, apples
Feet (other people's and eating his own)
Crawling outside (preferably on concrete)
Tummy time
Looking at the dinosaur poster with Papa

"James, are you putting your foot in your mouth?" (7 months)

"What? No! Gross! I don't put my feet in my mouth or anything like that!"

"Nom nom nom"

James shows off his hat and his clapping. (8 months)

Puppy Dog
Papa's travel mug (he likes blowing into it for the sound)
Wipes box
Red and yellow ball with small yellow ball inside
Blond girl toy
Bee/flower toy
Giraffe toy (to eat)

"That morning cup of joe really takes the edge off before a busy day of putting toys in my mouth." (10 months)

5 Silly Monkeys
You're My Little Love Bug

Grandma reads James one of his favorite books while he holds his Corduroy-like teddy bear. (7 months)

"Where is James going?"
"That's my _____!" (often I'd get something away from James by taking the item, playing tug of war with him for it, and getting him to laugh as I said "That's my ____!")

In the Tiki Room (main song for sleepytime)
"Close to James" to the tune of Close to You (alternate song for sleepytime)
The Rainbow Connection (alternate song for sleepytime)
If I Only Had a Brain (alternate song for sleepytime)
You Raise Me Up (when I sing he gives me the sweetest swooning look)
"Oh Mommy Loves Little James" to the tune of Running Bear
Happy Talk (sung by Grandma with hand motions)
This Old Man (sung by Grandma, Papa, and Bubby)
You Are My Sunshine (sung by Papa and Bubby)
Do Your Ears Hang Low (sung by Bubby)

Food not coming fast enough
Being on his back
Bubbles hitting him in the face
Having to sit (instead of stand) when put into his high chair

For some reason all the bubbles hit James. (10 months)


  1. Ok, I LOVE these posts. So personal. I hope you are able to make a book out of this blog for them. That would be so neat! I'm feelin a little bad that I don't remember that many details... need to start those 1st year journals I told myself I would. Hats off to you, because I know how much time it takes to do this sort of thing. Worth every second though!

    Glad to be able to get to know more about your little James. He is definitely a keeper!

  2. Aw thanks! I try to take as many notes as I can in my journals so I can write these posts.

    James IS a keeper! :)