Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet Julia at 6-12 Months, Part I

Julia was a hard newborn - probably because she was smaller and had an immature system with some gastric issues that made her upset much of the time. However, between 6 and 12 months, she was the more easygoing baby. She was my Sweet Girl and my Sweetie. She had a lovely temperament and wasn't too bothered if her toy was taken away (usually by James).

While James was very focused on becoming mobile between six and twelve months, Julia seemed pretty uninterested. She flipped from her back to her tummy a couple times and then didn't do it again. Meanwhile James was like a turtle and hated being on his back - he'd immediately roll over, and thought that was the most fun game in the world. I imagine for them it was like Julia saw an overhyped movie and didn't see what the commotion was all about and James was like "NO, it's awesome!" And Julia's like "I didn't get the part with Hand Solo and that bear." And James is like, "you mean HAN Solo and CHEWIE?! ARGH!"

Julia about to flip over or striking a ballet pose. (7 months)

We decided that James wanted his independence so badly he wanted to be emancipated at 15 but Julia wanted to be carried around forever and live at home until she's 30. By 12 months she could sit and she could cruise, but she was lacking the transitions like being able to go from laying down to sitting or from sitting to standing. She also wasn't crawling, unless you count the few times she struggled to crawl and ended up crawling backwards a few feet. (Bubby said, "If Julia were going to crawl, that sounds about like Julia.") I mentioned these concerns to the pediatrician at their 12 month appointment and he said not to worry - that with twins they tend to compete with each other. And as if to confirm this, one of the twins started clapping and the other followed suit! As it turns out, within days of the doctor visit, Julia started crawling, sitting up from a laying position, and pulling herself up.

Julia crawled here... (10 months)

...she crawled backwards until her feet started going up the corner of the wall...

...all the way from the activity mat. Julia, she's an um... precocious girl.

Although Julia wasn't focused on mobility during these months, she had other talents. She was exceptionally good at thumb/finger coordination and fine motor skills. Bubby noticed that sometimes she'd pick up a toy and was able to push the buttons on it to make it work or play a song, and then James would come over and take the toy (as he is wont to do) but then he couldn't make it work like Julia so he'd leave it with her, and she'd get it to play again, and then he'd come over again, etc. etc.

Julia is our social butterfly. When held, she always looks around to see who else is there; she's nosy and wants to know everyone's business and where everyone is. If you fed her a bottle on the sofa facing the corner, she'd keep arching her back to see James and whomever was feeding him.

Julia loved exploring our faces, especially our teeth. You knew she was particularly interested when you'd hear her make her long drawn out noise, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." Unlike James she was not very gentle at all, and she actually drew blood a few times. Even when you'd stop her and say "Julia, gentle," she'd let out a devilish shriek and continue. We called her Julia the Dentist. She reminded me of Lawrence Olivier in The Marathon Man.

"No blinding your brother, Julia!" (6 1/2 months)

Mark, it could have been worse. It could have been Julia playing with your face. (8 1/2 months)

Julia on a good day.


  1. It sounds like Julia was a lot like Haley is now. I remember you saying that Julia was more needy than James, and now I understand why! I'm glad that James wasn't gassy and uncomfortable as well, or that could have been a nightmare!

    Oh, and I LOVE the picture of Julia poking James in the eye. It's priceless.

  2. A baby's temperament the first few months can make all the difference. I know you've had it rough and dealing with a collicky baby must be really tough! I am so lucky James was such an easy newborn.

    The twins are always trying to explore each other's faces right now, much to the twin being explored's dismay.