Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet James AND Julia at 6-12 Months, Part II

Mutual Likes
Books with flip-up parts
Cruising back and forth underfoot along the changing table while their sibling is being changed
Playing with our faces
Mirrors (and for James, sliding the mirrored door back and forth, too)
Emptying the changing table of diapers

Julia wears her giant bow in the Exersaucer. (7 1/2 months)

James sees Mommy in the mirror of the Exersaucer. (8 months)

James is pro-blinding, but he's still gentler than Julia. (8 months)

Julia "helpfully" removes all the diapers from the diaper basket. (12 1/2 months)

Blankie square
Camera toy
Music Table ($5 at garage sale!)

Julia and James play with the Music Table for the first time with their pal, Ronan. (8 1/2 months) (Thanks, Stacy, for the picture!)

Pouty Julia at the Music Table. (8 1/2 months) (Thanks again, Stacy!)

Tails (James likes to attack the swish-swish-swish tail)
Who Loves You Baby?
Hoppity Hop Peekaboo!
Where Is Baby's Belly Button?
You're My Little Love Bug

Roll Out the Barrel (Grandma puts a baby on her lap and rotates and claps their feet to this song)
Julia/James Pendulum (to burp them I would sort of swing them out in front of me like a clock pendulum and sing "Julia/James Pendulum... bong!")
"Julia, Meet James"/"James, Meet Julia" (I would swing Julia out to James and sing "Julia, meet James. She just wanted to say `hello.' Julia, meet James. She just wants to say `hi.'")
Near/Far in front of mirror (like Grover)
Being thrown in the air by Daddy
Being pretend-dropped by Daddy
Rolling them back and forth while they lay on me while I lay on the ground
Blowing on their bellybuttons ("Did you leave your bellybutton unguarded? Did you leave your BELLYBUTTON unguarded?" )
This Little Piggy
How Big Is Julia/James? (Answer (with arms in the air): "So Big!")
Flying (I lay on the ground and lift them straight over me)

"Fever, schmever. Throw me in the air again, Daddy!" (12 months and in the hospital with a high fever)

James is such a belly button tease when he wears this outfit. It's like he's asking for his belly button to be blown on. (6 months)

Julia and James "flying." (6 months)

Words James and Julia Definitely Know
Book (and understand sign)
Milk (and understand sign)
Patty cake, clap
Bunny/Pink Bunny/Bunny Rabbit
Doggy/Puppy Dog
Belly button

Words James and Julia Can Say

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