Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter Bunny 2011

I was going to skip Easter for the babies this year (just like last year) because I thought they'd be too young to gather eggs. But then Jadwiga from my new Las Madres Cupertino 2009 playgroup (that's a mouthful) invited us to her house on April 16th for a Spring Party. I like any excuse to dress the babies up and stick a bow on Julia, so away we went.

Bow time!

The babies in attendance were all, I think, 16-18 months. Here's the baby line-up:

(top, l to r) David, Isaac, Ashlyn
(bottom) Kaian, Kayleigh

Their yearbook superlatives would go something like this:
David - Most sensitive (he's so sweet he cries whenever anyone leaves his house)
Isaac - Fastest crawler
Ashlyn - Cutest pigtails
Kaian - Best dancer
Kayleigh - Most impressive head of hair (Note to self: Julia is the same age. Where is her hair???)

First the babies hung out with other babies and played with dump trucks. Kathy may have accidentally clocked James with her camera.

James gets a cool look by putting product in his hair. And that product is food.

Way to disprove gender stereotypes, Julia! (Although last time you were here you did spend a long time playing with the shopping cart in the kitchen...)

James plays with Kayleigh while she lets her bib send a none-too-subtle message.

Jadwiga dressed in an Easter Bunny costume that she rented (!) and hid eggs in her yard, while all the babies watched from the window.

The Easter Bunny has an audience while (s)he hides eggs.

Then the babies went outside with their baskets to collect eggs. Well, by "collect eggs" I mean that we planted James and Julia on the grass and we put some eggs in front of them. Julia liked her eggs but James was more interested in slapping the cement.

V-E Day (E = Easter)

Cement slapping time!

And then Jadwiga suffered through pictures wearing her sweltering costume.

David, Julia, Kaian, Kayleigh, and James sit with the Easter Bunny.

"Easter Bunny! Easter Bunny! Question over here!"

The Easter Bunny might want to visit a thyroid specialist.

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