Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013: Playgroup and Preschool Valentines

There was no dressing a kid up like Cupid or making homemade valentines this year like in year’s past. Valentine’s Day was a relatively simple affair (for me anyway) starting with a playdate at Vicky’s with her twins Amelia and Sophie along with Stacy with her son Ronan. 

Ronan and the twins from The Shining (oops, I mean Amelia and Sophie)

And of course these sweethearts:

Some other twins. I forget their names.

Kids played.

James and Ronan hit balloons.
And Vicky spoiled us with some cute holiday-appropriate food.

Stacy gives Ronan some Valentine's Day snacks.
Vicky set up an art station on her dining table where the kids decorated paper plates with foam heart stickers to make Valentine’s Day wreaths. 

Julia decorates her wreath.
James and Julia show off their creations.

Stacy brought foam eyeglasses to embellish as well.

James isn’t so good at decorating his eyeglasses.

Neither is his Mommy.

But Vicky does a good job.
Amelia clearly loves hers.
My twins used knives for the first time, slicing bananas to add them to yogurt and strawberries to make smoothies. James wasn’t fond of the noise from the blender but he liked the final results.

Ronan slices.

Vicky helps Sophie start the blender while Amelia watches.

Sophie enjoys the fruits (and yogurt) of her labor.
Vicky made heart stampers out of toilet paper rolls that the kids dipped into paint to make valentines. James and Julia made their valentines all by themselves and sent them to their grandparents (with a little help on that end). 

Amelia wonders why I keep hovering over her.

Ronan and Amelia dip heart-shaped toilet paper rolls into paint.  

James works on his valentines.

Mommy gets in on the act.
Valentines drying. Ronan and Stacy's are the ones with writing on them in the top two rows. James’s and Julia's are mostly in the bottom two rows.

Amelia goes rogue.
At the end we take our usual holiday picture of the kids lined up on a sofa.

3-year-old Valentine's Day line-up: James, Julia, Ronan, Amelia, and Sophie.
Julia's hair is a bit static-y.
The secret to getting kids to stay on the sofa for a picture: Vicky reading to them.
Post-picture chaos
Ronan, Amelia, and Sophie blow on a pinwheel.
The next Valentine’s Day event was at Mountain View Parent Participation Preschool. Paper bags for each kid were taped around a table, and the kids walked around it distributing valentines. James and Julia were very excited to see what valentines and little toys they received.

Brody is ready for Valentine's Day.  

Distributing valentines. Clockwise from top right: Manisha with Melina (not visible), Elizabeth with Lyra, Vivia with Ellen, Deanna with Ethan, Leigh with Jaimie, Lisa with Brody, Julia, James, Erin with Jimmy.
Luciana and Julia are about to look through their bags.
James gives his doggy valentine a kiss.

Julia heads for the car.
Daddy helps Julia and James open the valentines.

James likes his doggy valentine.

Thanks to Stacy for many of the pictures!

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