Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deciding on a Name... And No I Don't Mean for the Babies

So I finally decided to start a blog. I missed out on three months of twin updates so at some point I'll take a DeLorean to the past to fill that all in.

In the meantime, for my first post I thought I'd share some of the suggestions for the name of this blog. (I should mention that my husband's last name is Pilloff and mine is Mikulis.):

My suggestions:
A Pair of Pilloffs
Plenty o' Pilloffs
A Plethora of Pilloffs (obviously I've watched "The Three Amigos" one too many times)

Mark's suggestion:
Suck It, Non-Multiple Moms

Our friend, Brendan's suggestions:
Have You Met the Twins?

So I went with Eating for 3, an idea that came to me because not only am I actually eating for three but I also love restaurants. So, like Charo on The Love Boat, restaurants might guest star in some posts as well.


  1. I think I like PillOffspring the best, so...good choice! still can't believe you're having twins.

  2. I think I like "Have you met the twins?" best.

  3. I'm glad you explained - When I saw your subtitle ending in PillOffspring, I thought you meant you got pregnant on the pill!