Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The (Baby) Boys of Summer

Three of my friends welcomed new sons to the world this month (plus or minus a day). I saw all three of them together in March and remember being jealous that they were pregnant... and at the same time! (You definitely want a friend to be preggers when you are - automatic play group!) Little did I know that I would be pregnant a month later.

The pregnancy line-up in March. "Ma'am, which of these pregnant women was your attacker?"

First Alison and Tim's second son, Elliott, greeted the world at home in a birthing tub on June 30th.

Alison knitted this cocoon herself.

I assume the birthing tub looked something like this:
Note: Don't look up "birthing tub" on Google images unless you're prepared to see lots of naked pregnant chicks in birthing tubs.

Then Rachel and Ryan welcomed Oliver on July 12th. (When Mark and I attended Rachel's baby shower I was less than a month pregnant and I remember thinking that nobody there knew I'd be giving birth next. After Rachel and Alison of course.)

Rachel, Oliver, and Anderson Cooper Ryan.

Kelsi and Drew's son, Ari, arrived a few days past the due date on July 31st. Since my prediction of August 1st was the closest, I won the Kelsi Pregnancy Pool. (I didn't actually win anything though... just glory.)

Ari's scrunched up and ready to go back inside.

My last time seeing Preggers Kelsi at her birthday party, July 10th.

Pregnant Kelsi playing the classic baby shower game, "Throwing Darts at (local NPR personality) Michael Krasny."


  1. So many beautiful babies!

    When I have my baby shower someday I'm going to be really sad that I won't get anything as interesting as throwing darts at Michael Krasny.

  2. I couldn't drag Tim away from that cannon the entire time. Luckily, I gave birth on top of the slide and Elliott just slipped right down into the water. What a fun way to come into the world!

  3. Beautiful mamas and babies!!! It's so nice to see the next season's "crop" of babies arriving! We had 9 sets of friends, plus ourselves (not counting 9 moms I befriended through yoga and childbirthing classes...coincidentally, one of them is a producer for Forum) who all had babies this past spring (

  4. @Kate - Just let us know who you hate and we'll make a dartboard.

    @Alison - I assume Zack was playing with the boat steering wheel the whole time.

    @Maria - Whoa. One of your friends is a producer for Forum? Depending on who you talk to, Michael Krasny is either beloved or hated among our friends. I listen to his show every morning, but (as you can tell from the photo above) one of my friends detests him so of course at her baby shower there was a game centered around it.

    I just put his book on hold through the San Jose Library. I was not surprised to see that of the 10 copies the San Jose Library system has that only one was checked out. Right now I'm on a mission to try to get my friend Brendan as a guest on Forum since he has three books and a website in which he's meticulously illustrated stories from the Bible in Lego.:

  5. Oh yeah, I remember talking to you about those books - they're awesome. :) Have you contacted Forum?

  6. I e-mailed Forum several months ago. I'm trying to get Brendan to start a campaign among his website followers to get him on the show.