Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twin Glossary Part I

Multi-Tasking - When the babies’ hands are full or they're busy crawling, they’ll use their mouths as a third hand.

Julia's a bath multi-tasker. (13 months)

James would reach up and occasionally spin the do-hickeys while holding the toy with his mouth. (9 months)

Poop/Diaper Ninja - Mark called himself this after changing James’s diaper in the crib in the middle of the night without waking up James.

The Candice - Name for prefold diapers we use on changing table, so called because we can never remember the real name and our friend Candice gave them to us.

Rabid Julia on The Candice. (6 months)

Mt. Kila-mom-jaro (previously Mount St. Mommy) - What I called myself when the babies (usually James), around 4 months, tried to climb up me to my neck.

Swimming - Before he could actually crawl, James used to crawl in place with his legs moving fast but not actually going forward. And then he'd push up and be all proud of himself.

Kick kick kick kick kick real fast... and push up! (6 months)

Stiff Starfish - Julia would make all her body and limbs rigid (so she'd resemble a starfish) when upset. She would arch her back and do this all of a sudden when we were feeding her a bottle (to slip out of our grasp and get away from it) or while sitting in a Boppy to slide lower.

The Zoo - The playpen. The original zoo consisted of 8 panels and was a square configuration. The later zoo was larger and, appropriate for twins, rounded as though for an indoor cage match. The Zoo wasn't perfectly round and had a little outcrop that we called The Viewing Platform, as though in an actual zoo. Because of the shape, Mark called this configuration (for which I unfortunately have no picture) The Thought Bubble.

The first days of the zoo. (8 months)

Sometimes Zoos are the only ways Daddies can get away from it all... (10 1/2 months - age of babies, not Daddy)

James and Grandma wear matching outfits in the new, improved, larger and rounder Zoo. (15 months)

Julia downward dogs over the Music Table. (12 1/2 months)

Great Barrier Reef - What Mark named the playpen he reconfigured to defend the TV and fireplace. It's narrow and looks like a dog run.

The babies discover paper shopping bags with The Great Barrier Reef in the background. (16 1/2 months)

Jaws of Life - Needed to remove poopy clothing from a baby after a blow out.

Shanta Claus - Someone carrying a big sack of dirty diapers.

Ho Ho Holy crap these reek!

Running of the Babies - The babies' crawl/walk to dinner. This involves Julia moaning the whole way, James waiting for Julia when he gets too far ahead, James crawling towards Julia which causes her to shriek in delight and turn around and crawl the other way like they’re playing tag, stopping to hit the heater air vent, plus forays into the entry, kitchen and living room until Mommy and Daddy get tired and put them in high chairs. See the video.

Part I: James leads the way.
Part II: Looking back to see where Julia is. (13 months)

Part III: Julia pretends that James is going to chase her so she crawls back to the nursery.
Part IV: Eventually Julia makes her way back from the nursery to dinner.

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