Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mostly January (a.k.a The Second Month)

January began with two earthquakes, one week apart, shaking our apartment. They were only about a 4.0, but they were centered 10 miles away and we definitely felt them. My mom and I rushed over to be human shields for the nearest baby. For the first one, I was pumping and for the second one I was nursing. That says a lot about how much my day involves my boobs. And how often they're out.

Julia and James practice their "Walk Like an Egyptian" poses

Julia's foot

James met the activity gym in mid-January (it took longer to convince Julia), and also really enjoyed his vibrating bouncy chair. He also liked to climb up me (Mt. Mommy) to lift his head up and look around.

Seeing how much Julia loves the activity chair, Mark wants to try it too.

James multitasks by playing in his activity chair with learning how to drive around New Jersey

We thought James was too young for tummy time but one of the nurses at the Newborn Club put him on his tummy and he and his horse-like neck took to it like a horse fish to water. When I tried it at home the second time on 2/5 he flipped over from his tummy to his back, which amused us all. A week later in February Julia was doing the same.

James seems uninterested in mommy...

Maybe it's because of her hideous fashion choices...

Julia smiled for the first time on 1/26... well, the first time that wasn't probably gas. James followed suit two days later. Smiles are the best.

Julia tells Mark a secret. It's probably about pooping.

James the pin-up girl

The twins felt rain for the first time on a trip to the Newborn Club. They also went on their first stroller outing around the park on 1/27, followed the same day by their first trip to a restaurant (Lunch with Tony in Alviso) that wasn't at Kaiser. We were really paranoid about taking them to a restaurant because of germs so we kept them in their stroller, covered with blankets. They stayed asleep... until the ride home.

Toga! Toga!

Mark and James go nose to nose

On their doctor visit on 2/8 they received their first booster shots. I heard many horror stories going in ("I don't know who had it worse. The baby was crying. I was crying...") so I was expecting bad times. They both loved their sweet rotovirus vaccine, administered orally. But then came the shots. I held each baby tightly and they did scream, but for only a minute. During this visit both babies peed on the doctor's examining table. It was kind of like taking your dog to the vet.

Don't crawl one step closer!

No, James!

My mom stayed with us for the entire month, until mid-February. She thought she would stay with me until I could get by on my own (since Mark went back to work after the babies were two weeks old), but we discovered that even two adults are no match for two babies. Somehow they still had us outnumbered. Julia demanded a lot of attention and wanted to be held by the hour. I remember weeks 6 and 7 were particularly hard. I made an offhand comment to Mark one Saturday that I wanted to take a shower that day because I hadn't since the previous Sunday. He said "really?" (not in a bad way, just surprised) and I broke down in tears.

These new self-adhesive babies are the greatest

Grandma and her angels

My dad couldn't stay away from his grandbabies for long and he visited for several 4-day-long blocks at a time. When he arrived he'd make a mad dash for a baby and his big chair and hold babies by the hour. We actually had to tell him not to run across the room to scoop up a baby. ("No TV for me," he'd say after hunkering down in his chair. "This is all I need.") My mom and dad both watching babies was great because it freed us to run errands, see friends, and go out to eat. When we'd leave they'd make jokes about how they were going to flee with the babies across the border (whether Mexico or Canada, they kept it a secret) while we were away.

Grandpa masters the art of feeding James

Julia asleep on her favorite place - Grandpa's belly

Weights and Lengths:

12/07/09 (birth)
James - 5 lbs., 9 oz.; 17.8"
Julia - 4 lbs., 9 oz.; 18.1"

1/07/10 (1 month)
James - 7 lbs., 2.9 oz.; ~21"
Julia 6 lbs., 4.4 oz.; ~18 1/2"

2/08/10 (2 months)
James - 9 lbs., 0.0 oz; 21 1/4"; head: 14 3/4"
Julia - 7 lbs., 11.5 oz.; 20 1/2"; head: 14 1/4"


  1. Those pictures with the grandparents made me tear up. Good for you for finding the time to take so many pictures when you don't even have time to shower! You'll be SO grateful you did!

    You and M are fantastic parents, and it's so fun to read about your babies and all of your adventures.

  2. Second everything Marianne said! How great to have such devoted grandparents. But god, Kathy, take a shower! I can smell you from here.

  3. It really does make you feel more human and less zombie to take a shower...I remember crying "I just want to take a shower!!" and having to choose between sleeping and being clean. We kept saying "it must be so easy to just have one baby." Love the grandparent pictures, especially Julia on grandpa's belly. So sweet!

  4. Marianne, my parents are actually looking at places to live up here and want to move from San Diego. Their favorite thing ever are those grandbabies! I love taking pictures - it sounds weird but it gives me some one on one time with them and it's fun to smile at them and have them smile back. I just need some new ideas for posing them...

    Kate R, If you can smell me from there it must be my hippie deodorant from Rachel. I smell like a pine scented hobo.

    Natascha, maybe you can relate to this - each day I have a few simple goals. Today's were shower and ab crunches. I was actually successful (though I had to wait until the twins were asleep). Other days it's bath for babies or do a load of baby laundry. We keep thinking it must be a million times easier to just have one baby. I still don't know how you do it on your own!

  5. Kathy - I love your posts so much - they're the perfect mix of honest and sweet.

  6. What Kathy said was true. . .Charlie and I are taking the babies across the border. (Canadian border, but don't tell Kathy and Mark) They are the sweetest babies and we adore them. Being a grandparent is far more fun and enjoyable than I expected and we get double the fun!

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