Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mark's Pregnancy Beard

For an undetermined reason (most likely, laziness) Mark grew a beard for about 17 days last month. Well, "grew a beard" is an insult to people with actual beards. A more accurate term for Mark's would be "stopped shaving." Apparently, many expectant fathers grow "pregnancy beards" so that's what we termed Mark's.

Mark's Pregnancy Beard
R.I.P. 7/5/09? - 7/22/09
"Hair today, gone tomorrow"

Is it beard in here, or is it just me?

Bad cop.

Good cop.

Stupid cop.

(Captions by Mark)

Notice the original architectural drawings for the first ever Chevys restaurant in the background. They're in a place of honor... in our bathroom. (Kathy's Throne to Chevys?)

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  1. I think he should leave it like that. He would be REALLY cool then.