Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Update: Past 19 Weeks

Today I'm starting a new blog feature— the weekly update. This one, however, will cover the past 19 weeks.

Number of weeks pregnant: 19 weeks

Total weight gain in past 19 weeks: 19 pounds.

Most recent stress out about how something I've eaten or done has hurt the twins: Eating tiramisu (I was worried about the alcohol but it's the eggs that make it a bad idea).

Most recent natural product purchase: Semi-permanent hair dye (no ammonia or peroxide) in week 19 so my hair's back to red.

New pregnancy symptom I've noticed: Must go to the bathroom at least once in the middle of the night and many times during the day (I used to be a camel— but with urine. Often on workdays I'd go before I left the house and again at 4 p.m. or later.)

Other pregnancy symptom:
I'm getting slower and slower going up five flights of stairs to our apartment (yes, there's an elevator). My hips and thighs hurt when I sleep on my side too long (from the extra weight?). Also, I sometimes experience light headedness and in one case, blurred vision.

Food cravings:
(Don't read this, Mark's family) Bacon and Pineapple. I also bought pickles a few weeks ago (but not because I had some crazy craving for them).

Between cravings for bacon and pineapple, it seems like a Hawaiian pizza would be perfect. However, this looks rather repulsive.

Used thing I'm most excited about: Activity mat and activity seat from co-worker Jenn; maternity clothes from Rachel R and co-workers Jenn, Julia, and Nicole; travel breast pump kit, baby carrier and books from April G (I've been holding onto them for over a year).

In maternity clothing news:
Maternity corduroys!

I've never seen a higher waistband than on my new maternity corduroys. But by the eighth month that waistband may be south of my belly button.

What I've learned: The nutrition class I took at Kaiser that I thought would be a waste of time, wasn't. Daily I try to figure out what food groups I've had during the day and bend my meals and snacks at night to minister to any deficiencies.


  1. I read that you can permanently harm your unborn baby by thinking too much about what foods, chemicals, activities, etc. might harm your unborn baby.

  2. Riffing off Brendan, I think I permanently warped my kid by using a headphone splitter and putting a spare set of headphones on my belly. Now she always wants me to put new music on her MP3 player and I overhead her singing an Icicles song the other day.

    I think Hawaiian pizza is delicious.