Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekly Update: Week 22

Number of weeks pregnant: 22 weeks

Total weight gain in past week: 2.5 pounds

Most recent stress out about how something I've eaten or done has hurt the twins:
My OB told me not to worry about the cream (possibly with retinol) and body wash (with salicylic acid) that I used early on without knowing they were bad. (Products with those ingredients really should have labels telling pregnant ladies not to use them!)

Most recent natural product purchase: For my birthday Rachel R gave me the gift of deodorant. It was because of a discussion about natural deodorants (a.k.a. hippie deodorants) in which I referred to them as "placebo deodorants," and of course also because I reek. The Nature's Gate deodorant she gave me in lemongrass scent is the one I've been using now. It works better than Liken, my previous hippie deodorant, but sometimes by the end of the day I smell like a lemon-scented hobo. Someone online suggested applying it to a large radius around your pits in addition to the pits. It does work better but I feel like a little girl with no coordination putting on lipstick everywhere by the lips.

In case you're wondering there are actually hippie deodorants that come in patchouli scent. Did they do a hippie focus group to come up with that? I'm surprised there aren't hemp or hackysack, or worse, B.O. scents.

Combine these two into one intoxicating scent.

New pregnancy symptom I've noticed:
My belly button is on the verge of becoming an outie. Right now it just looks confused. I have a very shallow innie so it might not come out at all, but the skin around it is turning white (or should I say "whiter" since I'm already on the white shade of super pale) like it wants to pop out but can't.

Other new pregnancy symptom:
My back hurts more at work since I have to sit farther and farther from my desk to accommodate my growing belly.

Food cravings:
Pineapple again. I cut up another whole one. Also, walnuts.

Baby gift: Knit boy and girl hats made by the really sweet manager of AG Ferrari who also is a twin. (Clearly I eat out too often.)

Knit hats from AG Ferrari manager, Louise

Used thing I'm most excited about:
Maternity clothes from April. (April also was nice enough to go through the entire "must have" list from the Babies R Us registry to tell me what we will really need.)

Maternity clothing news:
I started wearing cotton dresses. They are very very comfortable...

What I've learned:
Mark's going to need to start tying my shoes soon.

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