Friday, September 18, 2009

Behold! The rapidly expanding belly!

I've been growing and growing and growing...

Left: 8/1 (17 weeks; 4 months)
Right: 8/15 (19 weeks; 4 1/2 months)

Left: 8/15 (19 weeks; 4 1/2 months) - same pic as before for comparison
Right: 8/29 (21 weeks; 5 months)

Are you ready for the next one?

Are you sure?


Don't say I didn't warn you.

9/14 (23 weeks; 5 1/2 months)

Here's me in June and July.

How many months pregnant do I look, like if I was carrying a single fetus?


  1. > How many months pregnant do I look, like
    > if I was carrying a single fetus?

    I don't know, about 170?

  2. pretty close to 9, I'd say!! :)

  3. I'd say 8. You look at least as pregnant as I was right before I delivered a month early. Possibly more pregnant. Good luck! You are going to be huge!

  4. That's about where I looked at 39 weeks with Laurel, but it'd be about 7-8 months for the more normal-sized members of my family I remember seeing pregnant.

  5. You definitely look farther along now than I do... and I'm 37 weeks now. FULL TERM!

  6. Holy. Mother.

    WOW!! Are you uncomfortable?

  7. I'd definitely say you look about 9 months! You look fabulous, though!

  8. You look wonderful, beautiful and VERY pregnant!! h.

  9. Whoa, what a belly!! You look gorgeous, and I'm sorry that your back hurts. It must be hard to sit at a desk right now. :(

    P.S. Those hats were a very sweet gift!

  10. It's funny looking at this picture at work since my monitor screen hasn't been fixed so I look super wide.

    Thanks to all the sweet comments! (Even Brendan.)

    I had a feeling I looked 8 months pregnant or even 9 - basically like I'm ready to pop. It's hard to believe I'll keep growing for another 2 1/2 months.

    I really haven't been that uncomfortable except when sitting down and needing to get up (tricky) or laying down and needing to get up (trickier). The weight distribution thing and not being able to bend forward definitely don't work in your favor when you get very pregnant. All things considered though I feel pretty great.

  11. I bet if you learned to spider-walk it would take care of that weight distribution problem. Also you'd kill two birds with one stone: everyone would think you were not just possessed but also CARRYING A DEMON CHILD. OR TWO. TWO DEMON CHILDS... CHILDREN. But that's not possible bc you are too darling and lovely. Go you!!