Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekly Update: Week 21

Number of weeks pregnant: 21 weeks

Total weight gain in past week: 2 (I overtook Mark in poundage on Wednesday.)

Most recent stress out about how something I've eaten or done has hurt the twins:
Worrying about the coffee ice cream in my free scoop of Baskin Robbins Jamocha Almond Fudge. I had a terrible time falling asleep that night and Mark (my partner in ice cream crime) did, too.

Jamocha Almond Fudge: Friend or Foe?

Most recent natural product purchase: Mother's Special Blend Skin Toning Oil. Doctors say there's nothing proven to keep stretch marks at bay, but since I'm having twins I figure rubbing this stuff all over three times a day won't hurt. Good news: It's made from all natural products: almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E oil so I smell like one of my mother-in-law's chocolate coconut bars (included in the cookie suitcase from her last visit). Bad news: I have a designated towel to sit on afterwards since I get pretty greasy.

New pregnancy symptom I've noticed:
Kicking! For the past week I thought I might have felt kicking but wasn't sure if it was just a gurgling stomach, but then Twin B (the girl) definitely kicked on Sunday night, and Twin A (the boy) has been kicking all week. Mark finally felt baby kicking on Thursday.

Other new pregnancy symptom:
Itchy tummy. It's been itchy for awhile but it's really itchy lately, which of course means more growing to come.

Food cravings:
Pizza. And many times this week I've had to um... deposit liquid assets, so pizza is a no-no.

Used thing I'm most excited about:
Maternity clothes and books from Kelsi/Rachel R.

Maternity clothing news:
My maternity jeans are already too tight in the belly, and the maternity shorts for the gym are about to bite the dust, too. I have a couple non-maternity skirts I can still wear but only one matching top meets the fit-over-entire-tummy criteria.

What I've learned:
Don't feed a baby Clamato and have them do jumping jacks. We learned this after watching one year old Rivven. She threw up into Rachel's cleavage when Rachel came to pick her up, and apparently this was the first time she's puked. (Okay, we didn't actually feed her Clamato and have her do jumping jacks.) I think we were let off the hook when Rivven puked some more at home and Rachel came down with the same stomach flu.

The only thing worse than Clamato?


  1. Hooray for kicking!!! :D That was my #1 favorite thing about pregnancy! How did you know who was kicking when??

  2. Well the boy tends to kick on the right and the girl on the left. In actually they're sort of lined up with the boy in front of the girl, but eventually they'll move out more to their left/right positions. People often ask, "Don't they move all over the place in there? How do you keep track of them?" but in actually there's not a lot of room!

  3. Maria totally asked my question too. Yay!