Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Update: Week 23

Number of weeks pregnant: 23 weeks

Total weight gain in past week: 2.5 pounds

Most recent stress out about how something I've eaten or done has hurt the twins:
I haven't stressed out recently but I did ask at Sweet Tomatoes if their feta was pasteurized. (If you're pregnant you're not supposed to each unpasteurized cheese.) The manager tried to tell me they didn't have feta. I said, "What about on the Greek salad, the couscous, and the Greek pizza?" "Ohhh," she said. "That feta..." Thankfully it was pasteurized so I was able to eat my first feta since learning I was pregnant.

New pregnancy symptom I've noticed: I get tired easily while getting ready in the morning. It's especially bad when I'm getting ready and one of us has just taken a shower - I think the heat in the bathroom makes it worse. Often I do a task like brush my teeth and then have to sit down a few minutes, then I get up and do my hair and have to sit down again. I've had to add 10-15 minutes to my getting ready time in the morning, and depending how I'm feeling it is sometimes still not enough.

Other new pregnancy symptom: I've had this symptom for awhile but it hurts to twist my body when laying down (to say, reach for a glass of water from bed). Turning over while laying down is quite a task, too. It's definitely not something I would be able to do in my sleep.

Food cravings:
Pasta with vodka sauce (the vodka's cooked off) and garlic bread. Can you tell I ate at Lotsa Pasta this week?

Baby gift: Boy and girl pajamas from my mom and dad for my birthday (plus maternity tops).

They have feet!

Used thing I'm most excited about: Vibrating chair and maternity clothes from "Kate Ran." (I've already worn four of the tops.)

Maternity clothing news:
I didn't realize before how all my shoes involve a heel. (What can I say? I love a heel.) Right now I'm wearing shoes with 1 inch and 2 inch heels because they're the shortest ones I have. I've known for awhile I need shoes. I just can't find any I like. (And I only want slides because my feet might be a half size bigger after the babies.)

My mom noticed that my ankles were swollen after the drive from San Jose to San Diego. She pointed out that I no longer had ankle bones. (Where have all the ankle bones gone? Long time passing...) (Side note: Mr. Kathy is also missing one of his ankle bones but that's because he crushed it once with a bowling ball.) The day after we drove back from San Diego my feet really ballooned, but have since gone down in size. I try to lay down with them elevated. Mark likes to say that I have "cankles." Sweet guy.

I apologize ahead of time for the gross picture to follow.

Brace yourself.

AAAAAAAAHHHH! My swollen feet and ankles. It was only this bad for two days.

My cankle doppleganger.

What I've learned: Not to stay seated in the car so long on road trips. (Getting up every 2 hours is not enough.)


  1. I'm surprised your shoes still fit! My feet grew 1/2 a size, but it was during the (first) pregnancy. I think about half way through I had to get some new comfy shoes because I couldn't cram my feet in my old shoes anymore. And this was before they puffed up width-wise. As preggo as you are, if your feet haven't gotten longer yet, I wonder if they will.

  2. I'm kind of afraid to buy shoes like flats that go around the entire diameter of the foot until I know how big my feet will be after the babies are born.

    Trying to live in slides and flip flops (and sneakers on the weekends but they're a pain to put on and lace).

    I wonder if my feet will get longer. That part hadn't occurred to me. (I just kept thinking of them getting wider.)

  3. I read that whatever it is that makes your pelvis relax and prepare for birth also relaxes your other joints, which makes the bones in your feet spread out. And then they never go back to where they were, leaving you with longer feet. I pretty much had to get rid of all my pre-pregnancy shoes which made me sad. Hopefully it won't happen to you. I lived in a pair of open-toed casual sandals and some wide sneakers I bought during my pregnancy - but yeah, it's tough to tie them.

  4. That's interesting that the bones in your feet spread out for that reason. I wonder if that's happening all over your body but you only notice it in your feet because a change in size would be noticeable in terms of shoe fit.