Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Birth Announcement

It only took four months but we finally sent out birth announcements last month. We incorporated all but one of the newborn photos that our friend Sophie (of Sophia Field Photography) took when the twins were one month old. We only ordered one photo of Julia from that session and many of James (between crying and sleeping, Julia wasn't exactly the best model). I didn't want Julia to see the announcement one day, count pictures, and realize she'd been shorted so we found some pictures of Julia that I had taken. Mark Photoshopped in a black background to make it all match. You can see that Julia no longer has that newborn quality about her in her St. Patrick's Day dress - she now has cute chubby cheeks.

I'd like to take credit for designing the announcement but I just didn't have time (something about taking care of two babies). Instead I submitted our photos and text to Purple Stork and they did the rest.

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